How long does menstruation have been pregnant as soon as they touch?Don’t miss this time!

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It is troublesome to be susceptible and difficult to get pregnant. Evilness is obviously not a ovulation period, but it can be pregnant, but not easy to get pregnant. It has been tracked for a long time of ovulation and still can’t be pregnant.

We all know that the ovulation period starts on the 8th day after the end of menstruation, so how to calculate the accurate ovulation day?How long does menstruation have a high chance of getting pregnant after the same room?

First grasp the ovulation period

Wastene is inseparable, no matter what, women, you need to know when your ovulation period is.Women who are normal and healthy, and the regular menstruation, then use the inversion method to calculate from the first day of the next menstruation.Essence

Take a practical example, for example, today is April 1, if you should be the menstruation on April 20th, then the first day of the menstruation on April 20th, and then the countdown to the countdown for 14 days, which is 4, 4 days, 4 daysOn the 6th, the ovulation day was calculated according to the 5th and 4th after ovulation, and the ovulation period was entered on April 1.

So why did you win the same room in the same room during ovulation day?You can arrange the same room on the day before the ovulation day, because the egg life is shorter than the sperm life. If you have the same room on the ovulation day, you don’t know if it is an egg that is arranged during the day or the eggs that are rowed at night.After a day of the day, and the sperm swimming slowly, it is likely that the sperm and eggs have not met, and the eggs are already under the age.Therefore, it is relatively stable a day before ovulation.

This is why some people say: We are not in the same room during ovulation, but we are pregnant!Some pregnant couples have a room with ovulation day, but they did not conceive.

Girls with coarse lines can’t catch their ovulation period, so will the ovulation period feel?There are really!

My dear, you can record a cycle of body temperature, and next time you can know what day your ovulation day is.Specific method: The first thing after waking up every morning (don’t get out of bed, do not move, wake up and pick up the thermometer to test the body temperature. TIP: It is best to put the thermometer on the bedside), and then record it.

Then you will find that the temperature will rise after entering the ovulation period. On the day of the ovulation day, the temperature will suddenly decrease, and then then rises. If the body temperature continues to maintain a higher temperature, then 80 % are pregnant and you can celebrate in advance!

After entering the ovulation period, the leucorrhea will also remind you that if you go to the toilet, you find that there is a brushed leucorrhea, then the ovulation period is here.

If you are too lazy to test your body temperature, you can use ovulation test strips. This is very convenient, but it should be noted that the ovulation test strip is different from the pregnancy test paper. As long as the red bars appear in the control area of the pregnancy test paperThere is no surname of red bar, which is deeper than the original red bar.

Because the principle of ovulation test paper is to measure progesterone, and progesterone has always existed in the body, but it will rise during ovulation.

If you still can’t catch the ovulation period in these methods, you can go to the hospital to monitor a follicles. This is the most accurate and intuitive. The doctor will tell you when the ovulation day is ovulation at the growth rate of the follicles.

I wish women who want their babies to be a mother smoothly!

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