How long can the hospital be checked?What precautions?

Every expectant mother who is preparing for pregnancy is extremely nervous and excited when facing pregnancy testing. To what extent?As shown below:

One day, he had to test him more than ten times or even dozens of times. This is really no exaggeration. The pregnancy test stick selling on the Internet is really not exaggerated. I can’t help but ask: What is it for?Does this make sense?It ’s so troublesome to go to the hospital, but I may not be sure about it by myself. When should I go to the hospital for pregnancy?

Under normal circumstances, after the ovaries are excreted by the ovaries, they need to be picked up by the fallopian tube umbrella, and then transported to a relatively wide place to wait for the sperm. After the sperm is successfully fertilized, the embryo is formed, that is, the baby’s initial state, and then the embryo moves to the uterus.Living in the warm endometrium, rooting and germination. This process takes time. When the embryo first extends into the tentacles and invades the endometrium, it starts to secrete HCG in the blood. On the 10th day after ovulation, it is pregnancyIt can be measured from serum in the past 4 weeks. It is the most sensitive method for diagnosis of early pregnancy.

There is a problem here. If you do n’t do ovulation monitoring, how do I know when I ovulate?Please refer to the previous popular science text. For girls with regular menstruation, the menstrual cycle can be delayed. For girls with abnormal menstrual cycles, doctors will exclude you first because they do not come to menstruation for a long time.Early pregnancy.

If you have been determined to be pregnant, where is you in the early days?Sexual life, once there are stomach pain, bleeding, etc., you need to go to the doctor in time to avoid delay treatment.

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