How long can I use test strips?Not paying attention to these points will affect the accuracy rate


Many women who are preparing for pregnancy are asking how long you can use early pregnancy test paper testing.Generally, women’s ovulation period is about 14 days before the next menstruation. Assuming that we have successfully suffered from fertilization at this time, the fertilized eggs need to produce chorionic gonadotropin, which takes about six or seven days as soon as possible.Therefore, more than ten days after the same room, that is, one week before menstruation, it can be tested, but at this time, the pregnancy test will show that the weak yang will be displayed, which is not very obvious. Generally, it will be more accurate when the menstruation is more than one week before testing. Pregnancy will be more accurate.The longer the two lines, the more obvious.

Many women responded that early pregnancy test strips are easy to "explode", not very accurate. We all know that blood HCG is the earliest way to test pregnancy, and the accuracy rate is higher.Early pregnancy test is convenient.Although the explanation of early pregnancy test strips can write more than 95 %, according to statistics, the accuracy of early pregnancy test strips is very different, ranging from 50 % to 98 %. Many people may be curious. Why is the difference so big?

Early pregnancy test paper is to test HCG in the urine. Many women choose to use early pregnancy test strips, which is convenient and fast. HoweverWhat time is it:

1. Pay attention to the length of urine immersion test strip during testing. Sometimes the length of the urine immersion test strip is too long, it is easy to judge. Sometimes the test strip is blossomed.Essence

2. Master the measurement time. Generally, the fluffy membrane promotes gonad hormone can only appear in the urine a few days after the fertilization eggs, and it must be detected if it is tested too early.The result will appear negative.

3. If the test results are not accurate, or the test result is positive, but it is not obvious, then we can test it again the next day. If the test result is still positive, it is obviously deepened compared to the previous test results. This is basically basicallyYou can be determined to be pregnant.

4. We try to use morning urine as much as possible during testing, because morning urine concentration and high hormone levels, drink as little water as possible before collecting urine, which will dilute the concentration of urine, which will also affect the accuracy.After collecting urine, be sure to test it as soon as possible. If it takes too long, it will affect the accuracy.

Reminder: If the test result is negative, and the menstruation is still not here after a week, you can test it again. The result is still negative depends on the doctor.If you test it yourself at home, but you can’t get it yourself, it is best to go to the hospital to check HCG to confirm that even if you test your pregnancy at home, you will go to the hospital for a B-ultrasound at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy to confirm whetherEssenceI wish you a good pregnancy!Pick up for pregnancy!

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