How long can I test it after pregnancy?Do 3 points to improve the accuracy of pregnancy test accuracy

Early pregnancy is the stage of starting to develop in bed, which can be affected by multiple external factors. Therefore, it is necessary to find early pregnancy for pregnant mothers.Many people will repeat test strips after no protection measures, but they can’t wait for the signal of pregnancy for a long time. In fact, it takes time to use the test strip test.

Sperm and eggs are combined into fertilized eggs, and it takes a certain amount of time to bed in the uterus, and the biggest signal after early pregnancy is to "discontinue menstruation".Usually, if no contraceptive method is adopted, you need to consider whether you are pregnant after menopause.

Especially for women with accurate menstruation, menstruation has not yet arrived after more than 10 days, and you can consider whether to be pregnant.For women with unstable menstrual cycle, the longer menopause, the more accurate the test data;

Therefore, every woman can test the time of pregnancy is not stable.Usually after the fertilized eggs go to bed smoothly, a woman will produce a hormone called HCG in the body, and the fertilized eggs are about 7-10 days, so the time that the result can be measured at the fastest after pregnancy should be at 8 8-10 days.

Early pregnancy can indeed be tested through the "pregnancy test strip", but everyone should understand the way of use:

First of all, you should prepare a clean and dry container or professional urinary cup to undertake urine, and then put a section of the test bar with an arrow logo into a container containing urine, take about 3-5 seconds and remove and place it flat, in 30 seconds ~Observe the results of the pregnancy test after 5 minutes.If two purple -red strips appear on the pregnancy test stick, one is in the "T area" in the test area, and the other is in the "C area" in the quality control zone. This is the signal of pregnancy;

On the contrary, if a purple -red strip appears only in the C area, this is not a signal of pregnancy.And if another purple -red strip does not appear in the T area, but in other parts, it means that the result is invalid, which may be related to factors such as incorrect operations and degenerative damage to test paper.

In addition to learning to use and observe the pregnancy test paper correctly, the following three points can also improve the accuracy of pregnancy test:

1. Choose morning urine: Whether it is a pregnancy test paper or a pregnancy test stick, it is tested by the HCG level contained in the urine.In order to ensure the accuracy of the HCG level in urine, it is best to choose morning urine to test, that is, the first urine after getting up early;

2. Drink water to grasp: In addition to choosing morning urine tests, you should also avoid drinking a lot of water the night before, because drinking too much water will not only increase the number of nighturia times, but also dilute the urine to reduce urine to reduce urineThe level of HCG in China is not performed by favorable testing;

3. Drug impact: If you take some drugs before pregnancy test, you can also affect the results of pregnancy test results.For women preparing for pregnancy, you should observe the instructions in detail before taking drugs, and then select the appropriate drug according to the situation.

In general, if you want to test whether you are pregnant, you first need two conditions. The first is the sex of no protection measures, and the second is whether the symptoms of early pregnancy appear.If there is a sex experience in the near future and the menstruation time has been stopped for more than 10 days, this is a major manifestation of pregnancy, which can be tested for pregnancy test strips;

After confirming that they are pregnant, mothers need to take the next scientific diagnosis, usually B-ultrasound screening at 5-8 weeks after menopause.This stage is not only to determine whether the pregnant mother is pregnant, but also to eliminate the possibility of extraterritical pregnancy.After checking everything, mothers have completely entered the pregnancy, ready to welcome the little angel!

Source: Man Saying Health

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