How long can I test it?Remember the symptoms of pregnancy at 7 o’clock

The unbalanced mothers who want to Huaibao must have eager to know if they are pregnant!How can I use pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks and other pregnancy tests to measure their pregnancy?How to confirm that you are pregnant?Xiaobian answers you one by one.

How long can I test it?

Modern urban life is very busy, and many pregnant mothers may not be aware of their pregnancy early.So, at all stages of pregnancy, how long can I test it?What is the accuracy?

7 -day pregnancy: less accuracy rate

Because we judge that pregnancy is through the concentration of blood HCG and urine HCG, there is a process of changes in HCG concentration after pregnancy.Even if you use blood HCG early pregnancy examination, you need to be accurate after the 9th day of fertilization.

Use blood HCG early pregnancy examination, you need to be accurate after the 9th day of fertilization

10 -day pregnancy: can be detected by blood

Generally speaking, pregnancy can be measured at ten days of pregnancy.However, the test paper and pregnancy test sticks at this time are not accurate at this time.

Twenty -day pregnancy test: can be tested by pregnancy test paper, pregnancy test sticks, and urine detection

It can be measured at 20 days of pregnancy, but at this time you want to confirm through B -ultrasound that it may be a bit early.B -ultrasound is not visible for 20 days of pregnancy.At this time, you can try to confirm the results of diagnosis through pregnancy test paper, pregnancy test sticks, blood tests, urine tests, etc.If you want B -ultrasound to confirm, the best time is to wait 45 days.

Symptoms of pregnancy

1. Menstruation stops: This is the most often noticed sign of pregnancy. As long as it is a woman who is usually a fertility age, menstruation is normal, and after two weeks after sexual behavior, it may be pregnant.

2. There is often a feeling of nausea and vomiting: almost a lot of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy often have a feeling of nausea and vomiting, especially at the beginning of the day.

3. The breasts have tingling, expansion and itching: breast tingling, swelling and itching feel. This is the physiological phenomenon of early pregnancy. In addition, there will be darkening of areola, obvious veins under breast skin, obvious nipples, etc.Variety.

4. Tired of tiredness: It is easy to get tired in the early stages of pregnancy and often want to sleep.

5. Skin color changes: Skin pigmentation may be produced or stretch marks are produced by the abdominal wall, especially in the late pregnancy.

6, frequent urination: During the third month of pregnancy, because the bladder was oppressed by the increasingly expanding uterus, the capacity of the bladder became smaller, and frequent urination often occurred.

7. Basic body temperature rises.

Menstruation delayed a few days to be pregnant

In addition to the above two methods of "pregnancy testing tools" and "medical testing" to determine whether they are pregnant, you can also consider using menstrual conditions to judge.Indexation of menstruation is one of the signs of pregnancy, so how many days are you pregnant?

The menstrual cycle of women is generally 28 to 30 days.It is still a normal range in advance or postponed for about 7 days, and the length of the cycle varies from person to person.However, if you have no menstruation after 7 days, it is delayed menstruation.Menstrual delay mainly requires two reasons for two aspects. First of all, pregnancy, secondly irregular menstruation.If you want to diagnose whether you are pregnant early, this is different from person to person. It can be verified by 20 days of conception for 20 days. It takes 40 days later to be verified.HCG in the blood test is a more accurate method for pregnancy testing, but mothers can also test paper in home pregnancy test paper.

Generally speaking, early pregnancy tests can be considered for more than 7 days to delay menstruation to determine whether "luck".However, menstruation does not necessarily be pregnant. The cause of delayed menstruation may be gynecological diseases, excessive weight loss, or psychological factors, drug effects, etc. Therefore, menstrual rules can only be used as a method of judgment, not a diagnosis method.It is wrong to say that menstruation delay is pregnancy.

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