How long can I have children after X -ray check?Pay attention to these 5 points for inspection!

How long can I have children after X -ray check?With the development of medical levels and technology, the application of imaging inspection is becoming increasingly common and extensive.As a common member in imaging, what notes need to be noticed by patients?Below, we might as well understand.

How long can I have children after X -ray check?

X -ray radiation may cause certain damage to human cells, and the damage to germ cells will affect the descendants of the individual and generate a genetic effect.In order to prevent the influence of X -ray inspection (X -rays, CT, DSA) on offspring, children can be required for 3 months after receiving X -ray examination.From the perspective of the growth cycle of reproductive cells, the development of sperm is about 3 months, so pregnancy is safer after three months.

5 -point precautions for X -ray check

1. X -ray irradiation performed by ordinary medical examinations, adults do not exceed more than once a year.The anti -cancer examination of middle -aged and elderly people should be controlled within one year.

2. The youth -based X -ray may affect growth and development. If the lower abdomen and gland are directly illuminated by adults, it is easy to cause infertility in adulthood. The risk of leukemia after the bone marrow is illuminated by the child’s bone marrow should be compared to the adult.Listed as conventional inspections.

3. Women’s X -ray irradiation during pregnancy may cause fetal malformations, newborn intelligence, hematopoietic system and nervous system defects. Therefore, try not to do X -ray examinations during pregnancy.Second-rate.

4. If the treatment is required, X -ray examination must be performed, and lead protective supplies should be worn.Copy protective parts of the non -licensed parts, especially the agglomerate, thyroid, and other parts of sensitivity to X -ray reactions. Wearable protection equipment can be proactively proposed to the doctor when receiving examination.

5. When the X -ray machine is working, the warning indicator on the radial room door will be on. At this time, the client will wait outside the protective door. Do not wait for the filming indoors.Patients do not enter the inspection room to accompany them without special escort to reduce unnecessary radiation.

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