How long can I get pregnant during pregnancy?

Micro plastic surgery is a medical technology that can make people beautiful and young in a short period of time without operating, and will not leave any wounds, and recovery time is faster.Therefore, there are many ladies who love beauty now try to make micro -plastic surgery.However, women who are in the age of childbearing will encounter a problem. For example, can you get pregnant after a thin face?

Botoxin: Pregnant after at least one month

Wrinkle removal needle, thin face needle, and thin leg needle, their main components are botulinum toxin.Botox is a neurotoxin synthesis of Botox synthesis. It can block the transmission of the signal of the nerve and cause the muscle contraction activity to inhibit the state, thereby achieving a face -to -face effect.

At present, there is no data on human pregnant women internationally internationally internationally. According to mouse experiments, it is not abnormalEssenceIf it is just a facial beauty, the dosage used for each time is very low, and the impact on the human body is correspondingly smaller.Taking the culfein as an example, there are more than 10 units of botulinumin each time in injection, and only 20-30 units of botoxin is needed to remove straight lines and foreheads.Beauty injection will not exceed 100 units.

Based on the metabolic time of botulinate, after one week of injection, botulinate has been excreted by more than 99.9%, but for safety considerations, it is best to get pregnant after more than one month.Over conception.

TIPS: Thin face needles during pregnancy will affect the fetus. After individual women are injected, there will be trial phenomena such as abortion, premature birth.

Hyaluronic acid filling: pregnancy after 6 months

Hyaluronic acid is a commonly used filling material in micro -plastic surgery. If you want to solve the ribs of Sichuan, the injection of the nose, the chin, the full cheeks, the rich earlobe, the lip rich lips … Most of the materials used by the doctor are hyaluronic acid.Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a high -grade polysaccharide. It is one of the ingredients of the human leather tissue. It has little impact on the body. Generally, it has been metabolized for about 6 months.The reasons to be carried out after the month.

TIPS: The process of micro -plastic injection is minimally invasive, and the wound may have infection, and some people with allergies may cause allergies or rejection of synthetic hyaluronic acid or collagen.Moreover, depending on the treatment site, the time required for the injection is also different. For a few minutes, as many as half an hour to one hour. Some people may be difficult to bear during the pain in this process, and the body has an emergency response and causes abortion.In any case, if micro -plastic surgery is performed during pregnancy, you should report clearly with the doctor if you are pregnant, and check and track.

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