How long can I get pregnant after Xin Guanyang?What should be payed attention to when pregnant

“”Recently, many people have new crowns, and the proportion of yang is very high. Henan is as high as 89%. Many places have come to the first wave of peaks.Men and women are no exception, and there are also infections.Recently, how long can I get pregnant after the new Guanyang?What should I pay attention to after pregnancy?There are many such questions. I will share with you and it will help.

New coronal virus structure

1. How long can I get pregnant after the new Guanyang

If you want to figure out this problem, you must first figure out the normal healthy person’s pregnancy before you can get the new crown -positive patient to get pregnant to understand, so you should start from three aspects.

1. How long does it take to prepare for normal healthy people?

For those who do not have a new crown virus infection, that is, healthy people also need to prepare for pregnancy, make full preparation, eliminate risk factors, and keep it healthy during pregnancy. Only in this way can we have a smart and healthy baby. This is veryimportant.

Under normal circumstances, healthy women generally have at least three months. If it is more secure and reasonable, it is best to be six months, that is, 3-6 months.Pay attention to the reasonable diet during pregnancy, pay attention to rest, do not tired, do not stay up late, and not smoke and drink. In order to prevent neurophastin deformities in the newborn, folic acid is supplemented from the first three months of pregnancy to the first three months after pregnancy.It is necessary to adjust your body to the best state to lay the foundation for eugenics and eugenics.

Normal health people need 3-6 pregnancy time to prepare for pregnancy

2. How long is the new crown virus clearance time

After the new coronal virus is infected, the disease will stay in the human body for some time and will not disappear immediately.The length of time in vitro after the new coronal virus is killed by the body’s immune cells, which has a lot to do with the severity of the infected new coronal virus. Generally speaking, patients with mild and ordinary patients may take 1-2 weeks.It may take 1-2 months, or even longer, so if you want to completely remove the new crown virus from the body, reduce the impact to the minimum, and restore the body to a better state. It is best to take 3 months.

3. Men and women should pay attention to pregnancy at the same time

Not only do women infect the new coronal virus affect pregnancy, but also after male infection of the new coronal virus, it will also affect eugenics. The new crown virus may also affect the physical function of men and even the quality of sperm. ThereforeTime is the same, it takes at least six months. If you are pregnant nine months after recovering from the new crown, it will be safer.

Second, what should I pay attention to when I am pregnant

I mentioned above that if the new coronal virus is infected, if you want to be able to get pregnant, you need to prepare for 6-9 months after the new crown virus is rehabilitated from the new coronary virus. So what should you pay attention to?

1. Regularly go to the hospital for examination

During the pregnancy time, you need to be fully prepared. In particular, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis. You can conduct some related examinations of eugenics, such as blood routine, infectious diseases, blood sugar, blood pressure and other related examinations to eliminate some high -risk factors.It is necessary to make your body in an ideal health.

It is not advisable to get pregnant before the virus of hepatitis B virus switching to yin

2. Pay attention to the conditioning of diet

When preparing for pregnancy, the diet structure and diet have a greater impact on eugenics. We must pay attention to the control of diet structure and diet.

When preparing for pregnancy, do not eat partially, pay attention to comprehensive and balanced nutrition, pay attention to the intake of high -quality protein, trace elements, vitamins, etc. to ensure normal energy needs, but you cannot be oversupply, and you cannot suffer from obesity. Through diet conditioning, Make your body nutrition in the best state.

3. Be careful not to be tired

When the human body is tired, the body function will be suppressed, the activation of the cells will be reduced, and even obstacles will affect the quality of male sperm and female eggs, affecting eugenics and breeding.Essence

4. Pay attention to avoid staying up late

Staying up late is extremely harmful to human health, it is easy to cause fatigue, affect energy. Long -term staying up late can easily lead to dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, etc., which will also cause immunity to decrease, easily lead to a variety of diseases, make your body your own body.Health is affected, which is not conducive to restoring the normal function of the body and will affect the eugenics and eugenics, so don’t stay up late.

5. Be careful not to drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol is extremely harmful to the body. Especially for a long time to drink a large amount of alcohol, it will hurt gastrointestinal function, cause nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. It will also affect liver function.It will affect your health, so you should not drink whether you are men or women.

6. Be careful not to smoke

The fragrance contains dozens of ingredients, which contains nicotine that stimulates the human body and is addictive; pyruis affects skin, mouth, kidney, liver, causing nerve damage and congenital defects, toxic, caffeine, which causes insomnia.It is also relatively large, affecting a variety of functions of the human body, so do not smoke.

7. Be careful not to use the medicine

Drugs have a certain impact on men and women, and some drugs can also cause malformations. Therefore, when preparing pregnancy, pay attention to avoid medication, especially drugs with reproductive toxicity. ThereforeTo get pregnant immediately, according to the half -life of the drug and the time in the body, the drugs in the body are completely removed. Generally, at least two weeks after stopping the drug.If the time of metabolic drugs should be further extended, it is best to be relatively safe after a month.

Metronidazole has teratogenic effects

8. Prevent new crown Fuyang or secondary infection

Patients with new coronal virus infection, if they do not protect or have low self -immunity, may lead to the problem of new crowns Fuyang or secondary infection, so it should be avoided during pregnancy.If Fuyang or secondary infection, it is advisable to get pregnant from 6-9 months after the rehabilitation of Fuyang or secondary infection.

9. Pay attention to keep your mood happy

The mood is not only affecting work, life, and learning, but also affects your health.Long -term trouble, tension, anxiety, depression, etc., will affect the function of the body, reduce the function of the body, and even cause obstacles, which will also cause immunity to decrease, cause the disease to multiply, Can’t be angry, angry, anxious, etc.

Judging from the above analysis, it is more appropriate to get pregnant 6-9 months after the new crown positive, and it is also necessary to pay attention to the above 9 issues before preparing for pregnancy to have a smart and healthy child.

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