How long can I get pregnant after using anesthesia?Will anesthesia affect fertility?


How long can I get pregnant after using anesthesia?Will anesthesia affect fertility?To understand this problem, we need to explain the two concepts: reproductive toxicity and drug half -life.

Reproductive toxicity refers to the damage of foreign substances on the reproductive system, including the influence and development of reproductive cells, as well as damage caused by embryonic cell development, which leads to affecting reproduction and fertility.Reproductive toxicity is a project that each drug must be tested before the clinical trials of each drug must be tested before the market.Therefore, many instructions will appear related content.

What we want to explain is that whether it is local anesthetic, general anesthetic or analgesic drugs, the description has almost no special reproductive toxicity, that is, we can understandDamage.

The second concept is the half -life of the drug.

The half -life refers to the time that the blood concentration of blood or the amount of drugs in the body is reduced to one -half.For example, the concentration of a certain drug is now 10. As metabolism, when the concentration becomes 5, the time it takes is the half -life of this drug.

How long will a drug be metabolized in the body?

Everyone remember a value, 5-6 semi-half-life.You can simply calculate that after 6 semi -half -life, the survival of a drug in the body is only 1.5%of the original concentration, which can basically be considered to be cleaned by metabolism.

Now let’s talk about the topic of this issue.

First of all, there is no special reproductive toxicity, and there is no need to worry too much about the problem of affecting fertility or embryo development caused by anesthesia drugs.

Second, if you are really worried, you can refer to the 5-6 half-life time.For example, you made a gastroscopy and used properraol. The half-life of propyphenol was 4-7 hours. Even if it was calculated according to 7 hours, after 42 hours, the propionol was finished.Prepare pregnancy.

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