How long can a woman be detected at the fastest after pregnancy?Several "fastest signals" need to be a quasi -mother understanding

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Women attach great importance to pregnancy.But sometimes, the more you most concerned about it, the easier it is to be ignored by yourself.

Beibei and her husband have been married for a while, and the two are also actively preparing for pregnancy, but Beibei’s belly has no movement.

In this regard, Beibei was a little anxious. Every time she had the same room with her husband, Beibei began to detect whether she was pregnant the next day, but each pregnancy inspection stick was a bar.

Beibei was a little discouraged, and even began to worry about whether there was any problem with his body?

The more I wanted to worry about Beibei, who hurried to the hospital for examination. After explaining her situation with the doctor, the doctor smiled and responded: You are also anxious!How can I get pregnant so fast? The fastest will have to be detected after one week in the same room ~

Pregnancy is a major event in life. Naturally, how long can you judge that pregnancy is more concerned.

Generally speaking, after 7-10 days after the same room, you can detect whether you are pregnant by yourself.Because the combination of sperm and eggs also takes time.

When sperm and eggs are combined into fertilized eggs, they will enter the fallopian tube.It takes 3-5 days to enter the uterus through the fallopian tube;

It takes about 3 days to get bed, so it takes about one week to determine the fastest time of pregnancy.

The most common methods for testing early pregnancy are early pregnancy test strips, B -ultrasound examination, and blood HCG examination.

1) Early pregnancy test strip checks the time of pregnancy

The use of early pregnancy test strips is the most common way to detect whether to get pregnant.

The earliest can be detected in about 7 days after the same room. It is usually about 18 days, and some can only be detected in about 20 days.

The best detection time is after 18 days after the same room, or the menstrual period is delayed for one week before testing. The result is the most accurate.

2) B -ultrasound checking the time of pregnancy

The B -ultrasound generally needs to go to the hospital to do B -ultrasound by the doctor to determine whether to be pregnant by seeing the pregnancy halo.

The B -ultrasound test in early pregnancy is mainly to determine whether it is intrauterine pregnancy and exclude some abnormal pregnancy such as ectopic pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, if your menstruation has been postponed for about a week, you can go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound to check whether you are pregnant.

3) Blood HCG checks the time of pregnancy

The detection of blood HCG is of great significance for the diagnosis of early pregnancy.

After 7-10 days of fertilized eggs, the placenta will secrete HCG and enter urine.Therefore, after 18 days in the same room, if HCG was detected in the urine, it means that you are pregnant.

Even earlier, about 10 days after the same room, going to the hospital to draw blood to test HCG, and you can also confirm whether you are pregnant.

1. Mentalomy

Stopping menstruation is naturally the most direct signal of pregnancy.

If the usual menstrual cycle is very regular, and the backward delay suddenly occurs, then it is likely to be pregnant.

2. Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are the most basic reactions of early pregnancy.Generally speaking, women in pregnancy will appear morning vomiting in the morning, which will also be particularly sensitive to some odors.

Of course, vomiting cannot be used as a basis for judging pregnancy, because some women have no nausea and vomiting during the whole pregnancy, but some women have serious vomiting, which is different from the level of hormones in different women.

3. Breast swelling

After women’s pregnancy, breasts have obvious swelling and tingling. This is because of pregnancy, the effect of estrogen in women’s body, leading to the growth of breast glands and bloating breasts.

4. frequent urination

Frequent urination does not only appear in the late pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, women also have frequent urination and urgency.

This is because the uterus increases, compress the bladder, and causes reflexive urination.Generally, this situation will disappear after a while.

Written at the end:

Women want to determine whether they are pregnant, and only the test strip test is inaccurate and incomplete. After the B -ultrasound examination with higher accuracy, it is necessary to determine whether it is a normal embryo.

Nowadays, the chance of women’s palace pregnancy is very high. If unfortunately it is an ectopic pregnancy, then you must find it early and deal with it early, otherwise it will be more dangerous for one day.

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