How important it is to tell you how important the fetal movement is in the third trimester!I almost lost my child

It will start such a title, indicating that the birth process of Little V is still relatively twists and turns.If you are too lazy to look at the long text, you can skip the process directly to see the lessons I summarized at the end.


The boss UU was born from pregnancy to birth, and everything was smooth except for fetal heart monitoring.Little V is also greater than her sister, and pseudo -contractions appear early and frequent. After the full moon, they are not worried about fake contractions. The only problem is that the fetal position is not particularly positive, and it is not particularly positive until 38 weeks.Did not enter the pot.However, my sister has always been shallowly into the basin, and it will not enter the basin after breaking the water. In addition, it is said that the maternal maternal enters the pot late, so I am not very anxious.

At noon on Sunday, after lunch, I felt really hot, so I rolled a middle street popsicle from the refrigerator to eat. As a result, I immediately became cold and thought about it. Is it so good to think that the antip has the effect of cooling down.EssenceEssenceI slept with the quilt.EssenceEssenceIt was not right to wake up and found that the temperature was measured, 38 degrees.EssenceEssenceFever.Because I have had a good fever before, I didn’t take it to my heart.Then set off from the child’s grandparents’ house, and the children who returned from the supermarket came back from the supermarket.At night, I had a dance class. After the pot was made in the pot, we made us hot. However, we still felt wrong at this time. The temperature of the body was 38.6, and the amount was resting for 20 minutes, 39 degrees.

According to the expected period of the case, it has been 3 days (the days I calculate should be actually a week), and the inpatient strip is also opened.Originally, the doctor asked me to do fetal heart monitoring on Monday. There was no problem with the hospitalization bar and hospitalization on Thursday.But the high fever has not been returned, and the higher the burning, and then think about this day that it seems that the child hasn’t moved very well. Even if my heart can’t wait, the next morning, I let the husband take me to the hospital without eating meals.I think about being a fetal heart monitoring anyway.Because I was not at home, I brought the UU.At this time, I still feel that there should be no big problems. I just confirm that I may have a fetal heart monitoring and let me return, let me take some antipyretics and fever.The worst case is to see that I have passed the due date and directly close the hospitalization. It is estimated that I have to wait for the doctors to work the next day. I still have time to take a bath in the ward.EssenceEssenceIt was just that there was no obvious fetal movement on the road, but only hiccups made me a little worried.


When I was an emergency department, the doctor first asked for a while, and it was my turn to ask a bunch of questions. For example, have you sneezed and flowed and sore, how long have a fever, have you been obvious?There is nothing to eat … I am not sure if I have no other symptoms except for a slight nasal congestion.The last question of the doctor is, how about fetal movement?I said that less than usual, the doctor asked, how much is it?Is there half of it?Is there a third?I was stunned.EssenceEssence

I didn’t count the fetal movements very well during pregnancy. After a few days or two, I was basically: I got up in the morning, the child moved in the morning, the child moved in the morning, the child moved in the afternoon, before going to bed at night, before going to bed at night, before going to bed at night, before going to bed at night,The child moved.EssenceEssenceOK has passed today.There was no problem when Huai UU. I felt that I had moved to an emergency on the weekend. The result proved that she was just sleeping. When she was a small V, she didn’t have any problems. But when the doctor askedI ca n’t answer it. I can only use my child to move in the morning, and about one -third of the fetal movement is missing, and it is less than half of it.EssenceEssence

The doctor did not criticize me and asked me to tie the fetal heart monitoring.In 15 minutes, the baby’s fetal heart has been around 175-180, and my own heartbeat is around 110 (the pregnancy is basically 70-80). The accident is that there is a regular contraction of about 7 minutes. Of courseof.I pushed it with my hands, turned over, and the children didn’t move. I still snoring in the car, and this would not even hit it.Is it because I didn’t have dinner?So I rolled out a piece of racing sweet cake that I didn’t eat before, and still had no response.After a while, the doctor came out, and it was probably unparalleled when I saw this result. I went in and shouted another doctor.Another doctor slammed a few times and made a little sound, without response, but I learned that I didn’t seem to be relieved after dinner, and said nothing. Let me go to a hot pointer to screen for a screening.It may be a cold or frozen, let go home and look at it.

Almost a straight line of fetal heart

In fact, there is still a bit of embarrassment in my heart, but I really don’t want to be gathered (the oxytocin that has been hit for a day when the boss was crazy), so I removed the fetal heart and cared for the doctors to go to the hot kidney.As soon as the feet went down, wow, a warm current, breaking the water.EssenceEssenceWhile thinking that Ooya didn’t have to worry about returning home, it was too unfortunate to get it before being hospitalized 12 o’clock. After all, I still gave birth to an Aries.Breaking the water can not walk around at will, and I didn’t have to play with the ball … I lay back on the bed, shouting the doctor, and at the same time, the mobile phone notified the family and lived in the common group.

Obviously I am too optimistic.The only thing I want to do is to get it before 12 o’clock, but it is not the way I want.

The doctor did not tangled and ran directly. He took a cushion to help me take off the wet pants, and let me change the inpatient suit. I sighed and said that the amniotic fluid was not good.At this time, I was still thinking: Well, I will give birth as soon as possible. The first tire is only 7 hours, and the second child should be almost three or four hours. As a result, the male doctor on duty came over and did an internal inspection and discussed with me.The wording and the indispensable tone of discussing: The tire head is high, and the amniotic fluid is polluted in the second degree. You can see that it has become yellow -green.EssenceEssence

It’s a thunderbolt!IntersectionIntersectionAlthough I saw the B -ultrasound before, I thought about whether the fetal position would be bad at the end, but I also thought about it.I have never thought that there will be such possibilities. Even when I listened to the third trimester of pregnancy, I talked about the precautions and postoperative care of the cesarean section!

The other doctor next to him said that it would be silly because of the color of iodine dyeing. I nodded desperately: It must be like this.EssenceEssenceThe doctoral doctor thought for a while, and re -made some newly flowing amniotic fluid. Take a closer look and change his mouth: Oh … this is a three -degree pollution.Notify your family members to buy a cesarean section to be produced.Turning his head to that doctor, "Just prepare before the operation, hurry up."

The plot reversal failed.So he hurriedly informed the cup in the last time in QQ and WeChat group.


The moment I knocked on a few words, I surrounded three or four people: the blood pressure test of the needle of the leather pins was also allowed to take off the caregivers who took the bag and took the bag.

The doctor came to inform the risk of surgery, and explained how many steps would be dealt with if there were major bleeding.It sounds scary, but probably knows that the doctor said, the smaller the probability. When it comes to removing the uterus, I still have to talk about it. I interrupt him and say what I know and believe in your disposal.It is estimated that the doctor also felt that he was a bit exaggerated. Of course, these were small probability events, and most people were still very smooth.In fact, I also want to say that I have told my husband several times during pregnancy. When I was inside, the doctor asked to sign what to sign.

Life got on a flat car for the second time.The last time was pushed from the hospital’s parking lot to the door of the waiting room. This time, it was pushed from the door of the maternity room to the operating room (unfortunately, I did not see the doctor’s office in the corridor of the production room).

The doctor asked the family members to come in and met, and I told the dad with sadness and anger: "No younger third, don’t think about it." The baby dad kissed me and said, "Well, I didn’t say it." I don’t know why I thought of it at the timeat this point.Maybe because I am a susceptible constitution, I have little response during pregnancy, and the pain to the pain is high. I always felt that it was quite suitable for baby. It was only too troublesome to think about it.I also thought that if I was accidentally had after giving birth to the second child, I couldn’t give my answer if I had to give birth.The second child actually had to dissect this bad news to directly subvert his understanding of himself. Since the uterus has scars, the risk is even greater.

Looking at the ceiling lying down, it is not easy to figure out the direction. Anyway, he entered the operating room.

The operating room is cold, cold, and cold.

The doctor also took off the only top.Alas.Although it was built another list, it can only be said that chatting is better than nothing.

On the way to the operating room, I finally started to have painful contractions. After entering the operating room, I felt more frequent.In fact, I still hope that the contractions can be stronger and more frequent. It is best to come out before the doctor is ready.The first time I was looking forward to the pain of pain.However, I also understand that even the second child, from the beginning of the pain to surpassing the doctor to prepare for surgery, it is impossible.

A female doctor was joking: If this fever is really a flow of A, I have to inform me quickly, and I can not go to work for a week.

Another doctor began to call the ward and asked a few beds left, what rooms.The answer seems to say that there is a double room with windows on the four floors. No one. There is a three -person room without windows on the sixth floor and a bed.The doctor said that it was for that double room. It happened that no one was. The patient’s fever was not sure if it was a flow.Well, it turned out to have this benefit of fever.That dual room should already be one of the best -conditioned wards.Guess is a single room change, because the cabinets where the two beds are placed are different (quickly praise me to observe the meticulous observation).

The doctor began to call the pediatrics again, so that a doctor would come to the consultation, fearing that there would be suffocation.There are so many things to consider.

Start anesthesia.Like the countless production classics that have been seen, let the shade become shrimp.However, it is not easy to do it by yourself.With a ball in the middle, even if the arms were holding their legs hard, the anesthesiologist still felt insufficient.In the end, another doctor got started to help me succeed.The anesthesia effect is very fast. Before I lay flat, the right leg was numb instantly. After a while, it was the left leg.After the doctor confirmed twice, the operation began.Fortunately, he is not a person who is not sensitive to the anesthesia, but when he thinks of the anesthesia accident in "Only Doctors Know", his heart is still a little nervous.

As described as others, you can feel that the belly is opened and pulled.EssenceEssenceAfter a toss, the doctor was pressing his stomach soon, and I knew that the baby was about to come out.However, it is even more impressive than the feeling on my belly … cold … cold … I don’t know if I was afraid of cold, plus the fever, the liquid I lost is still cold, the entire surgery process, there is no process, noThe anesthesia’s upper body has been shaking and shaking.To what extent?The right hand was in the infusion, and the doctor took a small round stool for me to put my hand on it, and I couldn’t let it go at all!Holding his hands and fell down … it was so exaggerated.Looking up at the infusion bag, I couldn’t wait to set the fire below to heat it.

After the baby came out, the doctor said in surprise: Hey, there is a umbilical cord really knotted, and write it in the medical records.Regarding the real umbilical cord, it was later on Baidu. Although many articles said that it is relatively rare, according to Du Niang’s data, the incidence rate is about 0.05%-1%, which means that there is one of about 100-200 mothers.A ratio is not a small proportion.However, considering that some of them did not tighten the symptoms of hypoxia when they were born, it may be lower as a problem.But once the true knot is tightened, it will directly threaten the fetal life. Many cases are a tragedy in the abdomen of the fetus near the due date.Compared with the problems that make many umbilical cords that are anxious in or around the neck, the consequences of the true ending are more serious, but it is more difficult to diagnose during prenatal examinations. Generally, it is diagnosed after production.The doctors told the number of fetal movements in time are the easiest and easy way to find problems in time and 0 to spend 0 damage to the fetus.Don’t be lazy!The probability that happens to 100%in itself.

After the baby took it out, a doctor said, um, I guess it was a boy, so he knew the baby’s gender.When I heard the baby crying, it was quite timely, the voice was loud, and the hanging heart let go.After listening to the story of the internal distress, I am afraid that the hypoxic time will affect intelligence or something.

However, I didn’t wait for me to relax for a few minutes, and the pediatric doctor who participated in the clinic shouted again, yeah, the child has cleft palate.EssenceEssenceHe also greeted another doctor to come over to confirm.

For a moment, I really realized what it means to be mixed.Countless thoughts fly around the brain: Is my son sent me to me from heaven?Even if it hurts me, it is okay. This is the rhythm that does not stop after giving birth!Why is this so?Is it because I drank some wine during pregnancy?There was a problem baby.But the cleft palate should not affect the appearance, right?The doctor just found out that it is not serious?Can you solve this problem?Will the surgery not leave scars on the face?I do n’t know how much it costs to spend the operation. It should be enough for a tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands.Don’t you want to smash the pot and sell iron overnight, right?Has the second child’s life start the HARD mode from the beginning?It doesn’t matter if you are lucky to survive this situation, even if you are lucky to be a little flaw …

Two doctors responsible for the child began to chat:

"Can this child not give pediatrics, can you not eat milk?"

"You can only nose feeding for pediatrics."

"What should I do if I go home?"

"There is a pacifier for cleft lip and palate, just buy one."

——It sounds like special knowledge related to my popular science lip and palate.When I hear nasal feeding, I still have a little pain.Sorrowful thought, would it be necessary to live a life of bottle feeding in the future?It’s so troublesome, it’s not convenient to go out … I don’t know how long I have been using the milk suction machine that I can always hold on, and how long I can hold on this is so troublesome.

What happened later told me that this time I had too little thought, sometimes I thought too much …

After the child was basically processed, the doctor came to say to me in a slightly discussing tone: Children should be sent to pediatrics. The fetal distress needs to be observed. The child has a little cleft palate to eat milk and is inconvenient.Although I don’t want to separate the mother and child, but in the thoughts that are more assured of sending pediatric observations, I continued to tremble and agreed.The doctor looked at the child’s buttocks and gave me a glance, and asked the boy and girl symbolically, and took the child away.Therefore, my first impression of my second myopia without glasses was the first impression of the second child. The only JJ and eggs with their own mosaic, and my face didn’t look like.

The baby was taken out of the pediatrics first, and I continued to sew.In the process of giving the child the formalities and sending the child, her husband did not remember taking photos for the child!So the first photo of Xiao V is the fourth day of birth. Before that, I could only imagine the child’s appearance based on the description of the child’s child and the sister -in -law.No way, men are so unreliable.

The time of the stitches is so long, and the needle line is very clear, but because there is a hemp medicine, it does not hurt, and it feels easier to accept than the side of the side of the side.Later, the medical records were sewn a total of seven layers, and the lines and needle methods used in each layer were not the same.

I couldn’t restrain the nausea when I was sewing halfway. I told the doctor that I might vomit. The doctor took a piece of cloth and made me sideways.In fact, there is nothing in the stomach. Basically, it is a small cookie that you eat when you do fetal heart monitoring.A male doctor next to him kept his mouth or two and helped me wipe the corners of his mouth. Although he knew that they had seen a lot, it was still slightly embarrassing.

I felt a little painful after sewing, and told the anesthesia doctor, and added a little hemp.Finally, the needle was sewn, and the doctor said that the operation was quite smooth.At this time, trying to move your body, the lower body is completely in a controllable range, and it can also experience the feelings of a paralyzed patient.The two doctors hugged me to the transfer of a driving vehicle, launched the operating room, and lived in the ward.Two people still need to be hugged from a small cart to the sick bed, which is completely unable to work hard.


The doctor explained that some precautions left, such as lying flat within 6 hours, do not pillow the pillow, can only drink water and liquid food before exhaust.Happy things are quilts.EssenceEssenceSo I not only covered my own quilt, but also used the quilts in the cabinet, and covered the quilts in the bed next door, so I felt that it was not so cold.Nurses are still 39 degrees of body temperature, unexpected.After pumping a huge two tubes, it is used to do the screening of the A and Stream Streams. It is also strange that the original needle tube used in the Blood of B and B.Test paper sampling.Doctors in the Department of Infectious Department come to the consultation, which are generally symptoms and have they been exposed to anyone.

The anesthetic was faster than expected. It didn’t take long for the activity below the calf. There was no problem. According to the doctor’s instructions for a while, the ankle and toes were tried to move the leg.Mom helped to wipe her body with warm water to help the fever, comfortable for a while.The nurse also brought two ice bags, letting me be sandwiched under the armpit. It was really a variety of physical cooling methods.At about 12 o’clock, the anesthetic was almost completely disappeared, and the pain began.Although postpartum contractions are much weaker than the contraction of children, it is enough to wake people from sleeping.So I fell asleep when I fell asleep-I woke up-sleeping again-the infinite cycle of wake up again. I thought I had slept for a long time every time. I woke up and looked at the watch for 5 minutes.It does not exceed 10 minutes.

However, it is only irritating to be awakened frequently, and the legendary stomach is even more unbearable.The nurse came to unbutton the bandage and sandbags in 2-3 hours, massage the uterus to help eliminate congestion.The contraction is particularly severe every time you massage, and it also involves the pain of wounds.Nurses always say that letting relax.EssenceEssenceWhere does it hurt so much!Every time I pressed my belly, I had to secretly hold the bed and grit my teeth as a decoration of the abdomen. Once I grabbed the nurses with the nurses without holding, the nurse shouted, and the two of us were startled.

Poor paw

The treatment of a single room has not been enjoyed for a long time. At 2 o’clock, the newly -born new hemps of the emergency cesarean section lived in another bed.This numbness was an early peeling of the placenta. There was no other abnormalities except that it was a little diarrhea that day. Fortunately, the hospital was more timely. The child was already full, but it was also sent to pediatrics.The two differences between the two -hour birthday but not on the same day are not difficult.Well, just right, an unusually quiet postpartum ward.

The half -sleeping and half -waking state was boiled until the next morning, and the doctor checked.After applying for the respiratory department consultation, I still asked a few questions. I did not get the answer, and finally opened the chest.Different from the impression, the doctor specifically stated that shooting chest slices does not affect breastfeeding.Well, a bunch of medicine lost every day does not affect breastfeeding.The doctor also brought a message saying that after the pediatrics passed the consultation, confirmed that the child had no cleft palate, everything was normal.

Excuse me?That’s OK?But why did I notify the parents as soon as possible last night that I did not notify the parents as soon as possible. This morning, it was not notified by the pediatrics. The doctor of the obstetrics remembered by the way, if the doctor thought it was not important or forgot to say?Don’t we still have to worry about it?Too humane.

Later, in the confinement, as long as the child cried, I didn’t want to coax the first time but held up and carefully observed what was abnormal from the position from the upper teeth to the hanging Yonggai. Except for the dangling triangle of the hanging, it was a bit different from the adult.In addition, no doubtful abnormalities were found at all, so I didn’t know if it was normal for a newborn.To this day, I don’t know where there is a problem of suspected cleft palate. This mystery is probably not solved.

The dad said that the doctor said it was shown to him. In order to show him, he cried for a long time, but he didn’t see what the doctor said without seeing what the doctor said.I can only sigh silently again, men are so unreliable.

In the end, Little V lived in the pediatric ward for 3 and a half days, and was discharged more than I was.However, the pediatrics cannot come to the obstetric ward after they are discharged, and they can only go home.The chickens at home jumped, and the small ones had to take a picture at home. I had to take care of the soup to give me the rice in the hospital.To tell the truth, if the doctor did not start to have cleft palate, I might still insist on not sending the child to pediatrics.It is easier to start with pediatrics for two or three days. You do n’t have to recover all kinds of effort to feed all kinds of effort, but this is the only benefit.Children are in pediatrics, and both hands and wrists are green. I do n’t know if it ’s because of infusion or blood drawing. Compared with her sister, they are particularly insecure. Caring and sticking to cry (maybe this is the case or because of a cesarean section);There is no breast milk to drink, but my milk is much faster than the first child. I can’t suck it with a breast pump. I can’t wait to go to the next ward to borrow a child to eat. Finally, I have to invite the milk masterSolved it; because various vaccines were sent to the pediatrics, various vaccines were supplemented after confinement, and the body was weaker. I could only insert two stitches in the middle of his diarrhea and a cold.Only to catch up with the progress of ordinary children.

Dabao, who is very interested in his brother

Although the doctor made a mistake, it didn’t mean to blame them, it was not easy. They had been working hard to find the reason for my fever. They were afraid that I would miss what I encountered after I was discharged.One morning when I was hospitalized, I heard a doctor said, "Oh, I saw that I didn’t get bed in the corridor in the corridor in the morning when I went to work in the morning!Although the doctor’s tone is extremely cheerful, it is a bit sour listening to his heart.

The rest is almost the same as that of other cesarean section. Although the doctor suggested to get out of bed the next morning, I also hope to be a maternal who is extremely strong to recover.Relying on the strength of the arm (the intensity will make the tube needle wound bleeding), sitting up is hard and can not complete the lying movement of lying down once you sit up.It’s just a silent back and forth exercise (another reason is that the bed is relatively hard for a long time, and I have to turn back and forth to let the half fart feel better).The mission to get out of bed did not start to try until 24 hours later. It really feels better to press the sandbags according to the experience of the predecessors. Every time I go to the toilet, I feel less supportive.Compared with the delivery, it has a more new feeling after cutting. Simply walking up and getting out of bed must be re -learning, finding a way to avoid pulling wounds, until the fourth and fifth days, although there are still various slow lenses, generally generally the slow lens., But at least all kinds of actions are free.

Precious milk

Summarize lessons (knock on the blackboard, remember to remember)

1. No matter how smooth the boss is, it is not possible to take it lightly before the second child is born. After all, he is older and the physical conditions of the mother will change.

2. Be sure to count the fetal movement, several fetal movements, and several fetal movements.

3. I have questions about the doctor a few words and confirm that they will not suffer.

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