How high is the frequency of "Tang’s"?These five kinds of pregnant mothers can easily conceive "Tang Bao"

Talking about Tang’s words, every pregnant mother is very worried, because this deformity screening is performed during a lot of pregnancy, but sometimes it is invincible.During the inspection, although there were no problems, the children were malformed after birth, which made many parents feel very worried, for fear that their luck would not be good, and also gave birth to a malformed baby.

In addition, the possibility of cure is not particularly high. It can be said that only by earning some corrections can improve in some directions, but if it is completely cured, it is impossible.There are several women, and the situation of Huai Tang’s family is very high, so let everyone take a look at which women.

First: Infection during pregnancy

When women have children, infection occurs, then it is easy to cause the baby in their bodies to change chromosome.Therefore, in the high incidence season that is prone to infection, mothers must pay attention and pay attention, otherwise the baby who is pregnant will easily become a baby Tang.

Second: family inheritance

If someone has suffered from this in the family, or if you have been pregnant with such a child, it is likely to be pregnant again.Because this disease will be passed on to future generations.Therefore, before pregnancy, and in this process, we must check regularly to avoid this situation.And the Tang family caused by heredity is difficult to prevent it, because the current scientific level is still not reached.

Third: elderly women

If you are pregnant, if you are pregnant, it will be easy to occur, especially those who are over 35 years old, and this problem will be very high.If you are more than 40 years old, you will be pregnant, then it is likely that among the 20 pregnant women, one child will have this problem, so if you want a child, you still have to be early.

Fourth: contact chemicals

Some women will deal with some chemical ingredients when they are Huaibao, and these substances are not good for children in the stomach, and it is easy to make their chromosomal genes change, which will cause bad situations.Therefore, after preparing for pregnancy, or after pregnancy, it is best not to contact chemicals.

Fifth: I have taken medicine

Some women have taken some medicines during pregnancy, and these medicines can easily cause this situation.Therefore, when you are not found to be pregnant in the early pregnancy, if you accidentally take these medicines, you must make it clear and actively check to prevent bad situations.

The above five pregnant women, when they are pregnant, if they do not pay attention, they will easily occur.After this child is born, there are often characteristics of characteristics, such as some obstacles in language and actions.So when the child has these problems, be sure to observe and immediately send it to related places for inspection.If you are diagnosed, it is best to have rehabilitation treatment early, so that the growth of the child is also more helpful, because if Tang’s child intervenes as soon as possible, the possibility of recovering normalMay you give you some reference.

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