How harmful to the fetal constipation during pregnancy?Seriously lead to cerebral palsy!

In the postpartum exchanges during pregnancy, there was a postpartum exchanges and asked, "Is there any constipation in Baoma? Do you have to persist until you have a baby?"

In fact, many expectant mothers will have constipation during pregnancy, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, constipation will be more serious.

Some expectant mothers may feel constipated constipation. For a few months, the baby is liberated!However, the fact is not as simple as you think!

Today, the Momo will tell you how much the expectant mother’s constipation during pregnancy is to the fetus!

Constipation during pregnancy can easily cause fetal hypoxia

We all know that the so -called constipation is actually the meaning of difficulty in defecation.That is destined to take a long time when the prospective mothers use it during bowel movements. If the posture is incorrect, it is easy to squeeze the fetus in the abdomen, which will cause the fetus to be hypoxic.

Constipation during pregnancy can easily lead to abortion and premature birth

When the mother was in high school, she heard that a teacher in the school was prematurely served when the fetus was less than a month, and it was when she just finished the bathroom.Later, I heard that it was related to her pregnancy constipation.

Now, think about the teacher who is caused by constipation in the third trimester.

Because in the third trimester, when defecation, the uterine contraction will be more serious, and it is easy to cause premature birth of the fetus.

Constipation during pregnancy may lead to cerebral palsy after birth

The mother’s teacher provided us with a real case -a couple, her husband was carrying a 4 -year -old child in the sauna of Beijing in July in Beijing to find her.

"I always feel that I am a cold -hearted person, and I rarely cry because of something, but I really didn’t hold back the cry at that time." The teacher said. The father’s back was soaked by sweat.The age of the age is cerebral palsy, but how much can I understand things, but they will not express, and the response is very slow.

The teacher and the child’s parents had communicated for a long time, and checked all the situation one by one. I wanted to know what the child was because of the cerebral palsy, and then better treatment.

Finally, the reason was finally found -the child’s mother started constipation from 3 months of pregnancy until the baby was born.

After research on various Chinese and foreign medical literature, it was found that "long -term pregnancy constipation, toxins will be accumulated in the body, and the body will be absorbed again, and this toxin can be passed to the fetus through various channels."

In addition, constipation of expectant mothers during pregnancy can also cause the toxins in the intestine to be re -absorbed into the blood, which can easily lead to enterotoxin internal toxin, which will also have a negative impact on the development of the fetus.

So, if the expectant mother has constipation during pregnancy, what should I do to alleviate the constipation during pregnancy as much as possible?

First, let’s analyze the cause of constipation during pregnancy.

Pregnancy constipation caused by progesterone secretion

Various hormones in the body after pregnancy will change due to the development and division of egg cells, and a large amount of progesterone secreted will hinder the normal digestion of the intestine, which will cause difficulty in the stool.

The compression of the uterine development of the intestine causes constipation during pregnancy

The uterus continues to grow and increase with the continuous development of the fetus, and then the pressure on the intestine is getting larger and larger.Gastrointestinal peristalsis is restricted, and blood circulation has also been resistant, resulting in uncomfortable defecation during pregnancy.(The picture below shows the changes in the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant women before and after pregnancy)

The reduction in exercise during pregnancy leads to constipation during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers stop many exercise for the safety of the fetus.Once the amount of exercise is reduced, the gastrointestinal peristalsis will naturally decrease, and the digestive ability will become weakened, which will easily lead to constipation during pregnancy during pregnancy.

Knowing the reasons for constipation during pregnancy, we will analyze the way to solve the constipation during pregnancy!

Generally speaking, there are four methods to alleviate constipation during pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to exercise. Appropriate exercise during pregnancy can help gastrointestinal motility, and then promote food digestion and absorption, and help to defecate.

2. Improve your diet structure.Eat less spicy and high -fat, high -protein foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables with high dietary fiber content to promote gastrointestinal motility and shorten the time for food to stay in the digestive tract.

3. Ensure sufficient water intake.A glass of boiled water on an empty stomach every morning, and continuously replenish water during the day. It is best to ensure that the daily intake of moisture is above 1.5L, which prevents the body from being formed by the dehydration of the body due to lack of water.

4. Keep a pleasant mood and adequate sleep.A happy mood and sufficient sleep can relax the spirit of pregnant women, and it also helps the body to better metabolism, and to a certain extent, it can alleviate constipation during pregnancy.

If you have constipation during pregnancy, you must take it seriously.Do n’t feel that it ’s just right to give birth to a baby, you must solve it as soon as possible.

I am "Mother’s Parenting": self -media master, a mother who resigned from the position of corporate executives, is currently a baby’s personal nutritionist and parenting master.It’s not easy to write an article, welcome everyone to pay more attention and forward!Thanks!

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