How good is a child’s acting skills


I have been a child slave since I was a child, and I had almost no resistance to my children.In addition, I have no children for many years, so I was almost happy when my brother -in -law was pregnant.

At that time, I almost used to visit Taobao for the future of the future niece.As for why it was a little niece, it was because when my brother -in -law was pregnant, I dreamed that a Phoenix flew to my house.When I told my family about this news, my family was also very happy.I think my brother is a beautiful little girl in her belly.Sure enough, dreams come true, and my brother -in -law really gave birth to a little girl.

The day when the little niece was born, it happened to be the first snow in 2019. According to the nursing nurse, she said that she had never seen such a white child, which was so cute.

The family’s love for niece almost reached the limit, and I couldn’t think of her in a day.

Looking at such a cute little niece, I want to ask for a child.When my niece was six months old, I left home and went to the field for treatment.After staying outside for more than a month, I really couldn’t restrain my thoughts about my home. I found a reason to come back.

I thought my niece had forgotten me, and I didn’t expect she to remember that I took the initiative to hold me.At that time, I didn’t mention how happy it was. My daughter -in -law knew that I had almost loved my niece to the extreme. I reminded me, "Sister, she will lie in particular, you must not be deceived by her."

I didn’t take it for granted at the time, and felt that my brother -in -law had a big question.After all, how could a child of a few months deceived? As a result, I was given a lesson after a while.

She made a small mistake and taught by her brother.Then she began to cry with grievances, tears flowing, and I was so disturbing that I cried.As soon as I was about to hold up, my brother -in -law asked me to let her go out first.

Although I was uncomfortable at that time, I still knew that when my brother -in -law was disciplined the child, I couldn’t intervene.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I walked outside the door, the little niece stopped crying.From the gap, I saw the little niece with tears on the cheeks climbing with the face of my brother -in -law and daughter -in -law, and shouted her mother’s face.

I was stunned at the time. A few months old children had such a good acting skills and admired.I pushed the door in and discussed with my brother -in -law, "Let’s let her learn to perform in the future, there is no acting skills."

My brother -in -law said helplessly, "I don’t know how this is so small. As long as there are a second person in the family, I can’t speak. The tone is not good. I can cry next to the sky. If there are only us at home, sometimes I can fightCry. Not only do you cry, she will coax me. "

Later, the family members knew the problem of the little niece. Even if she cried so much that as long as she made a mistake, we would be able to ignore her to educate her.Sometimes she cries more and more beatings. Slowly, she understands that she must be able to confess when she makes a mistake. Crying is useless.

In fact, the little niece has always been the heart of our family, and she also knows that her family loves her very much.Even though I don’t go home now, she has not seen me many times.But every time I hug her and ask her who is the big baby, she is only two years old and she will point to herself with shyness.

Now that she has learned a lot, she can clearly express what she wants.And when we try to meet her as much as possible, we will reject some unreasonable requirements.Although she was young, she would not only be noisy after being rejected by us, but sometimes she was so embarrassed that she couldn’t help but kiss her.

In fact, the real love for children is not blindly satisfied with her requirements, let alone tolerate her because of her young age.I feel that while creating a environment full of love for children, I must tell her firmly what is right and wrong.After all, when your child is young, you are reluctant to educate that people grow up for you, but at that time, education may not be able to afford it.

Instead, it is better to educate her when the child is young and let the child be surrounded by love.I believe that children who grow up must be future.

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