How embarrassing is the pregnant mother’s stomach?These 3 steps are easy to get!

For pregnant mothers who often walk in front of people, the multi -fart brought by flatulence is even more embarrassing when she can’t help but can’t help but can’t help it.

What causes stomach to cause?

1. Pregnant mothers supplement nutrition and eat too much

During pregnancy, the most afraid of my mother is that the baby is not nutritious enough in the stomach. After all, one person supports the energy supply of two people, and the person who comes to eat will not refuse.

However, a large amount of high -calorie foods accumulate in the stomach can cause indigestion. At the same time, these things that accumulate in the intestine will cause flatulence.

2. Pregnancy effects during pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, the estrogen secretion in the body of pregnant mothers affects gastrointestinal motility, which affects digestion.This was the most obvious in the first three months.

3. Uterine compression

In the middle and late pregnancy, the grown -up uterus will compress the stomach, especially the sleeping position of the mother’s sleeping position is not convenient. It is easy to cause food accumulation. It is not uncommon to cause constipation.

A few steps are required to relieve flatulence

1. Drink plenty of boiled water

Yes, it must be warm water instead of cold water, let alone drink juice.The amount of water of more than 1 liter per day can clean up the stomach, accelerate metabolism, and relieve depression.

2. Walk in the morning and evening

Pregnant mothers cannot do a lot of long -term exercise. Early and evening every day. When the air is the freshest, walking and walking is a good way to help digestion. It is also good for the fetal fetus in the abdomen.

3. One step to the "stomach" massage method

About 1 hour after a meal, a 45 -degree corner is lying down and half -lying down. With the help of her husband, gently pressed from the right upper abdomen, pressed the clockwise to the left upper abdomen, and then massaged to the left lower abdomen. The man’s hands were heavy.Do not pay too much attention, press 4-6 times a day.Remember: Do not massage the part of the uterus to avoid hurting the fetus in the abdomen.

Recommend a soup that has been used to relieve flatulence-ginger honey water

Take half of the fresh ginger, shatter the juice, mix the honey (preferably jujube nectar) and the ginger juice mix with 1: 1, add an appropriate amount of warm white water, take it while hot, it can relieve flatulence in about 1 hour, snoring.

In addition, pregnant mothers should add more fruits and fruits containing more fiber, such as cabbage, corn, tomatoes, etc., such as soybeans and onions that produce more gas and onions can eat less, add more protein to drink milk.

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