How does the owner take care of the pregnant dog?What can I do for help?One article tells you

Some owners may intend to let his husband a child before doing sterilization for the bitch.Or the owner does not intend to sterilize the dog at all, then it will inevitably usher in the estrus period, and there is the possibility of pregnancy at any time.At this time, the owner had to take care of the dogs in pregnancy, and if necessary, he needed to help it welcome the newborn cub.What does the owner need to learn for the dogs to give birth?

If you find that the dog shows signs of pregnancy, the first thing to do is to take it to see a pet doctor.Dogs are generally 63 days during pregnancy, about 9 weeks.During this time, the various needs in dog life will change, and the owner needs to pay attention to the following three points.

1. Provide more energy and nutrition: Pregnant dogs usually need more energy and nutrition. After all, there are other cubs in the belly.The owner can try to buy some special dog food or increase the amount of dog food.In the middle of pregnancy, the energy required by dogs will be twice before pregnancy, and the owner needs to supplement the dog food in the rice bowl in time.In general, as long as the dog food intake is sufficient, it does not require other nutrient supplements to supplement vitamin and other nutrients, but it still depends on the requirements of a pet doctor.

2. Regular medical examination Observation Cubs: Compared to before pregnancy, dogs need to go to a pet hospital for medical examination during pregnancy.At 21 days, dogs can perform B -ultrasound or blood checking cubs.After 45 days of pregnancy, the dog will perform X -ray inspection to determine the number and size of the cubs.It should be noted that the bitch should not be vaccinated at this time. At this time, the resistance of the cub in the tire is not enough to bear the vaccine.

If the dog has vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, the owner should immediately contact the pet doctor to seek the next advice.Once related diseases occur, the owner should take it to the pet hospital in time to prevent the disease from being more serious.

3. Proper and mild exercise: Generally speaking, we all feel that pregnant dogs need to be raised, but most of the time dogs can still exercise.However, after 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, the owner is better to avoid any strenuous exercise and take a slow walk.

The more thoughtful the owner is, the more he can deal with the emergencies of dogs during childbirth.At the same time, the owner also needs to prepare a daily necessities after the birth of cubs in advance.The specific supplies that can be prepared include:

Passion or boxes to prevent cubs from climbing around;

Disinfection of water and cotton;

One -time gloves;

Anti -hematopoietic tongs, pinch the umbilical cord;

Scissors, it is best to cut the scissors of the dull head surgery for cutting the umbilical cord;

Towel, wipe the cub;

Under normal circumstances, in fact, dogs do not use excessive help for the owner, and its nature and intuition will let yourself know how to deal with it.When the cub is born, there is usually a layer of membrane covering her body, and the dog’s mother will help them lick this membrane.But if the dog’s mother does not act within two minutes, the owner will use gloves to help the cub remove the membrane and wipe it with a towel.

At the same time, the owner can clamp the umbilical cord with hemostatic pliers, tie the umbilical cord with a thin rope, or knot the umbilical cord directly.Then cut the umbilical cord with scissors, it is best to stay away from the side of the dog.The owner must not pull the umbilical cord, otherwise it will hurt the bitch and the cub.

Even if the owner does not need to provide help, he stays with the dog as much as possible to give it a comfort.When a dog gives birth to a cub, it will be happy to show the owner’s proud child.In the next day, the owner also needs to ensure that the cub is in a comfortable environment, and he can also help the dog’s mother feed until it grows up until you can eat dog food.During this time, due to the low immunity of puppies, the owner needs to be vigilant at all times. Once the cubs have abnormalities, they must contact the pet doctor in time.

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