How does pregnant women take hair care

The estrogen secretion in the pregnant mother’s body is strong, and the hair has more favorable growth conditions, which becomes strong.However, because the secretion of personal estrogen is unstable and the hair quality is different, some expectant mothers ‘hair becomes greasy, and some expectant mothers’ hair will dry and fall off.Regardless of what happens during pregnancy, hair care during pregnancy is very important. Expectant mothers should scientifically wash their hair and safe hair care, while strengthening nutrition, maintaining an optimistic and cheerful mood, and striving to be a beautiful hot mom.

After pregnancy, all parts of the expectant mother will change, and their hair is no exception.The amount of estrogen in the body increases, extending the growth period of hair.The estrogen in the expectant mother is secreted by the most vigorous and disordered secretion, which directly leads to an unstable state of the hair. It is suddenly dense and bright, and it is thin and dry. For this pregnancy, hair care becomes important.Pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. Pay attention to maintaining the nourishment of the hair, which is the same as before pregnancy.But pregnancy is indeed different, and special attention needs to be paid attention to.

Selection of shampoo during pregnancy

1. Do not replace the original use shampoo at will to avoid allergies.Try to choose the organic and gentle shampoo products with less chemical additives with less chemical additives to avoid injury and fetal health.

2. Pregnant women with dry hair are suitable for using shampoo containing protein ingredients to avoid using alkaline soap.

3. It is advisable to shampoo for 1-2 times a week. Specific mothers who have hair loss can use hairstyle twice a week for maintenance to enhance the toughness of the hair.

Can I use conditioner during pregnancy

The conditioner can help conditioning and repairing damaged hair during pregnancy. As long as you choose the special conditioner for pregnancy, it will not affect the health of the fetus.Pregnant women’s conditioner contains natural vitamins and plant essences. The nutrients needed for hair supplement, and expectant mothers can use it with confidence.It is an extremely wrong method to apply the hair care substance to the root of the hair. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to wiping the conditioner on the ends of the hair to avoid stimulating the scalp.

Short -haired pregnant moms: The hair is better to wash, and it can be sitting on a high degree, which can make the knee bending on a 90 -degree chair, lean forward, and slowly clean it.

Long hair pregnant moms: It is best to sit on a back chair and ask the family to help rinse.If it is too troublesome, I simply cut my hair short, and it is relatively refreshing and easy to wash.As for the pregnant mother in the late pregnancy, big belly, whether long or short hair is not easy to wash.During this period, pregnant moms can use their own shampoo to go to the nearby hairdressing shop to wash their hair, or ask their father to help wash their hair to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

Avoid using a hair dryer

The expectant mothers must not go out immediately after washing their hair to prevent colds. The first choice of dry hair is a hair dryer.However, scientific research shows that hair dryer radiation can cause harm to human health, especially for adverse effects on the central nervous of the head in the head, and seriously causes mental system damage.When the hair dryer is adjusted to the hot air stall, a large amount of asbestos fiber particles will be generated, entering the blood via breathing, skin and other channels, which may affect embryo development.Therefore, the expectant mothers try to avoid choosing a hair dryer for the sake of safety.

Small tricks during pregnancy

Specific mothers can choose a dry hats that absorb water, breathable, and lightweight, wrap the wet hair with dry hair hats, and there is no problem to wear sleep.You can also use soft, clean and clean dry towel gently to rub your hair, so that your hair will air dry naturally.

Dyeing hair during pregnancy is greatly harmful.For the prospective mother who loves beauty, although hot -dyeing hair can create a beautiful image during pregnancy, the serious consequences are huge.

1. Chemicals cannot be avoided

The current "cold scalding method" adopted by the hairdressing industry must adopt chemical perm curly curls and types, and these perm essence contains a lot of irritating chemical components, which will not only increase the hair loss of hair during pregnancy, but also cause fetal health to the fetus health.Influence.

2. Allergic body quality header dermatitis

All kinds of hair dye contains substances with color and color solution, generally compounds such as dihan, aromatic amine, and diitol. In addition, there are carcinogens such as tarMom is allergic, which will stimulate the scalp, cause scalp inflammation, and even suffer from sepsis.

3. Performing hair dyeing hazards at the beginning of pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, expectant mothers to dye their hair are particularly dangerous. At this time, it is a critical period for the development of various fetal organs. Once infected by chemicals, the consequences are unimaginable.Therefore, expectant mothers need to think twice. In order to health in the future, do not burn their hair during pregnancy.

1. The principle of hair growth

Hair is a type of human hair. The human hair is composed of finely arranged keratin. The hair root inside the skin is wrapped in hair follicles of the epithelium tissue, and the hairball is combined with the combination of hair follicles.The fur nipples depressed at the bottom of the hair ball contain rich capillaries and human nerves, which has become a key part of maintaining hair growth.Cells have increased value and differentiation of cells in the hair nipples, split in the hair follicles, doubled, and newly growing hair will raise, expose the skin, and form dry hair, which is the hair we see.The key to the growth of hair is the hair root and hair follicles inside the skin. The active protein of hair cells requires continuous nutrition. If the nutritional elements such as amino acids and vitamins intakePhenomenon of sparseness, falling off.

2. Short hair during pregnancy has no scientific basis

Many expectant mothers are worried that long hair will fight for nutrition with babies in the abdomen, and often cut off hair.It can be seen from the growth principle of hair that the cut hair is only the dry part of the skin surface. What really consumes nutrition is the root of the bottom of the scalp. Furthermore, the nutritional elements required for the growth and development of the fetus are fully supplied by the mother, and the hair grows growth.The required elements are not huge. Even if the expectant mother cuts off her hair, the hair growth will still consume nutrients. The length of the hair does not affect the growth of the fetus.Therefore, expectant mothers don’t have to worry about the nutrition of long hair consumption of the fetus and tolerate hair.

3. The benefits of cutting short hair during pregnancy

There are indeed many cheap cuts during pregnancy, and the most obvious is the care of hair.Specific mothers have low immunity during pregnancy, and their body temperature is slightly higher than normal people. It is easy to exchange or have a cold in the season or hot and cold weather.It will make the fetus and expectant mothers uncomfortable.The long hair after washing is not easy to dry quickly, which also brings many troubles to expectant mothers.Therefore, short hair cutting during pregnancy makes hair easier to take care of, and it is convenient for expectant mothers to live and travel. It is a rational choice.

· Don’t worry about hair loss during pregnancy

1. Physiological reasons for hair loss during pregnancy: Hair has two states: growth and dormant period. The hair that falls off will be replaced by hair quickly. A normal adult woman falls off at about 100 daily hair.Women with normal pregnancy will have an increase in hair loss in the early stages of pregnancy. This is due to the growth of estrogen in the body that makes the hair too strong during the growth period and hair loss becomes powerful.Don’t worry, once you give birth, the level of estrogen is reduced, and the update speed of the hair will return to the original condition.

2. Psychological causes of hair loss during pregnancy: expectant mothers are anxious, lack of sleep during pregnancy, and excessive psychological pressure before childbirth will cause metabolism in the body, causing poor head blood circulation, and hair loss becomes serious.

3. Other reasons for hair loss during pregnancy: hair loss during pregnancy may be caused by uneven nutritional intake. Some expectant mothers eat high -protein and high -calorie foods in large quantities, lack of intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, which will lead to lack of health and cause hair loss.

4. Coping measures for hair loss during pregnancy: Specific mothers do not need to worry too much about hair loss. They can choose weakly acidic shampoo and enhance the toughness of the hair.Momes with conditions can choose to wash the products containing trace elements and plant liquid essence to promote the blood circulation of the scalp, and properly massage the scalp when washing their hair, and promote the absorption of hair root cells.Put your fingers into your hair during the massage, hold your hands, drag your hair gently, comb the hair with your fingers, repeatedly, you can lightly pat the back of the back until you feel comfortable.

· Diet therapy and hair care

Specific mothers should take more foods with rich iron, zinc, iodine, and calcium, such as spinach, fish, eggs, lean meat, tomatoes, soy products, animal liver, etc.In addition, miscellaneous grains, fruits and vegetables should be supplemented, such as black sesame, walnuts, carrots, kelp, etc. to supplement vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc., nourish liver and kidney, and make the hair nutritious care.

1. walnuts and sesame porridge

Ingredients: 100 grams of walnut kernels, 50 grams of black sesame seeds, right amount of rice.

Method: grind the walnuts and sesame seeds into broken powder, cook with japonica rice, eat in the morning and evening, nourish the kidney and nourish qi, nourish the black hair.

2. Egg Shouwu Decoction

Ingredients: 20-30 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 2 eggs.

Method: Boil He Shouwu, take soup, cook with eggs, add salt and sugar, you can eat it for supper and cultivate.

· Emotion and hair care

Emotions are also crucial to the growth of hair. Wu Zixu’s white head overnight is mentally stimulating.Specific mothers should maintain good sleep and mood, so that the skin’s hair with normal metabolism is normal.

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