How does Chinese medicine talk about vomiting during pregnancy?Where is the special point?

On the February and March of pregnancy, the dirty and evil qi went against the diet, blocked diet, nausea and vomiting, dazzling head and tiredness, smell and smell, etc.Disease "and so on.Most of them disappeared after three months, and there were people until childbirth.

So why are some calm and comfortable during pregnancy, but some are suffering sharply?"Thousands of Gold" said: "Every woman wins, lacks of blood gas, kidney qi is weak, and I usually feel angry … I want to be pregnant and hi illness.""Women’s Daquan Formula" records: "Vomiting and bad food in pregnancy, tiredness and lying, this stomach qi and obstruction."It shows that in ancient times, this situation was also very common. It reflects that stomach deficiency and weakness or qi depression is an important cause of the disease, that is, liver and stomach discord, and the stomach qi is mainly inverse.Essence

In general, general pregnancy vomiting, traditional Chinese medicine takes internal treatment to treat this disease is good; but for pregnancy, it is difficult to be satisfactory due to the limited administration of traditional Chinese medicine. Many doctors continue to explore new treatment methods.

There is a treatment method that uses index finger pressure to reduce the nausea or disappear after entering the medicine; there are also acupuncture to be treated with acupuncture, Zusanli, and Fenglong.At the same time of applying negative pressure, the attractor (gas tank) is applied to the patient to eat. The method of putting the negative pressure for 15-20 minutes in the next 15-20 minutes, reporting 62 cases of severe resistance to the treatment, 40 cases of significant effects, 22 cases improved;The method of stopping vomiting and so on.

Is this disease that is difficult to cure?Obviously not, only pregnancy vomiting is different from ordinary people vomiting. It must be based on the premise of ensuring the safety of mother and child.EssenceToday, the eugenics and good health are also a challenging topic, so it should be used by multiple methods to achieve satisfactory results.

At present, the cause of pregnancy and vomiting in clinical clinical summary includes three types: stomach deficiency, liver heat, and phlegm dampness. The characteristics of combination are divided into the following:

1. Stomach deficiency

The body is weak, after conception, the menstruation is closed, the blood of the blood is not diarrhea, the qi of the veins is relatively strong, the veins are in Yangming, the qi is upside down, and the stomach qi cannot decrease.Cause disgusting and vomiting.

The main manifestations are poor appetite. After pregnancy, abdominal distension and stuffy, vomiting or eclipse or eclipse, and spitting out.

This kind of vomiting has a good effect. It should be better to strengthen the spleen and reconcile the qi, regulate the qi and reduce the inverse, and use the fragrant sand of the six gentleman soup (pill).

2. Liver heat type

The liver yang is hyperactive or the liver is injured, the liver is lost, or the hemorrhage is cured after pregnancy.

The main manifestations are vomiting bitter water or sour water in the early pregnancy, dysfunction and pain, bloating and intestines, sighing sighs, darkness, depression, bloating and dizziness, normal or slightly yellow moss, smooth pulse, all liver and stomach do not doHarmony.

This kind of vomiting is light and heavy, the relationship is closely related to emotion, the effect of soup medicine is general, and the pill medicine is better.It is suitable for suppressing liver and stomach, mainly reducing and anti -vomiting, and Fangye is used to subtract and subtract, and He Ping Hepato Pills.

3. Wet phlegm

Insufficient spleen and yang, less body tiredness, sputum drinking stagnation, pneumatic phlegm and wetness and vomiting.

It is manifested as about 6 weeks after pregnancy, vomiting, vomiting, diet full of chest, water between the diarrhea, palpitations and shortness of breath.

This certificate should be exposed to the sun more, stretching for a long time, and it is advisable to reduce phlegm and reduce the inverse.

In addition, those who have chronic disease and kidney, vomiting for a long time or severe vomiting will cause qi and yin deficiency, which is the so -called "hydrolysis imbalance", which is manifested as dry skin, orbital depression, mental sluggish, red tongue, less moss, and less moss.Vomiting bitter yellow or blood water, cure the pulse veins and ginseng wheat particles, additive soup and subtraction.

In short, the treatment of malignant resistance is based on regulating qi, reducing anti -vomiting, and supplemented by comprehensive treatment such as acupuncture and dietary qigong.And pay attention to the recuperation of diet and emotional aspects. Clinically, it can be treated as early as possible according to the different constitution, and it is treated separately according to the different causes.

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