How do you live the safest sex life during pregnancy?

Spectacled parents, the sex life of the husband and wife must be careful!

Some people think that sexual life during pregnancy will have a adverse effect on the baby, but they are worried that abstinence will affect the relationship between husband and wife during pregnancy.In fact, there is no need to abstain from pregnancy.So how to live sex is safer?

Within 3 months of pregnancy:

In the first three months of pregnancy, sexual intercourse is not suitable, because the placenta has not been completely formed during this period, and the baby is in a state of unstable state, which is most likely to cause miscarriage.In the period of inadequate sexual intercourse, we can consider adopting a method other than sexual intercourse, such as gentle hugs and kisses, to satisfy sexual desire by hand or mouth.

4 ~ 6 months of pregnancy:

After 4 months of pregnancy, the placenta development is basically completed, and the risk of miscarriage has also decreased accordingly. Moderate sexual life can bring physical and mental joy.However, it cannot be exactly the same as that of non -pregnancy. It must be controlled in terms of number and method. If this stage of sex is too frequent, the force is large, or the time is too long, the abdomen will be chased, causing the fetal membrane early or infection, leading to abortion, causing miscarriageEssenceHusbands and wives can sex once a week.Before sexual intercourse, the pregnant mother should exhaust the urine, clean the vulva, and the prospective dad should clean the outer genitals and choose the sexual intercourse posture of not chasing the pregnant mother’s abdomen.The sexual intercourse time should not be too long, and be careful not to directly stimulate the sexual organs of women. The movement should be gentle, the insertion should not be too deep, the frequency should not be too fast, each sexual intercourse time is not more than 10 minutes.After the sexual intercourse, the pregnant mother should urinate immediately and wash the vulva to prevent the uplifting urinary system infection and intrauterine infection.

Pregnancy in the pregnancy:

Especially for 1 month before giving birth, that is, after 9 months of pregnancy, the fetal baby began to decrease towards the direction of the birth canal.That is to break water).At the same time, the uterus in the third trimester is more sensitive, and is directly stimulated by the outside world. It has the possibility of stimulating the uterus to strengthen contraction and induce early.Therefore, sexual life must be absolutely prohibited in the third trimester.

It is best to use condoms or in vitro exclusion during pregnancy:

When living in sex during pregnancy, it is best to use condoms or in vitro sperm, and it is better to use semen to not enter the vagina.After the prostaglandin in the semen is absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, it can promote a strong shrinkage of the uterus after pregnancy, which will not only cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers, but also cause miscarriage and premature birth.What needs to be reminded is that women with habitual abortion and premature medical history, middle -aged and old first women or women who have been pregnant for many years before getting pregnant, for safety reasons, sexual life should be prohibited during the entire pregnancy.

The prospective dad must be considerate to understand the pregnant mother and give the baby full of love, so that your childbirth will also be very smooth, I wish you a good pregnancy!

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