How do you know that you are pregnant?B -ultrasound, test strip or pregnancy reaction?

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Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for most people. For example, we will have some "cute" changes. Of course, this change may also be a more sinful experience for some people.But do you know?In fact, in addition to these physiological predictions, many expectant mothers have a "sixth sense" psychologically and are not allowed!IntersectionLet’s take a look at the messages of a few little sisters with Bud Bud Mom!

@ @: I have a long menstrual cycle, I don’t know if my aunt is happy someday!One day, my mother called and said that I dreamed that I was pregnant for two days. I really had two bars.

@: Dreaming about the baby chasing me and calling my mother ~ I said: I am not your mother.The pregnancy test stick shows two bars.

@: I saw a very shallow and shallow line below the navel at the time. I thought it was almost pregnant. As a result, the test strip was tested after a long time.

@: Before pregnancy, there was a good sister who said me every day, are you pregnant? Before that, she was pregnant with her two or three sisters who had been good at her in other families. I also joked that these pregnant pregnancyDoes it have anything to do with you?Later, I really found my pregnancy a few days later.

@: I dreamed of giving birth to a very beautiful female treasure. It was tested not long after, and I kept telling others in my heart. Others did not believe it. I said that it must be a girl in the future.The same.

@: When I was pregnant, I dreamed that there was a child called a mother, and then I asked my husband, did you hear the child calling his mother, he said no, I felt bad, maybe, and then go the next dayI bought the pregnancy test stick, it was really shallow and deep, and then went to the hospital to check the blood, and found that there was really.

@: Actually, there is no characteristic before pregnancy, because I am busy doing business, I know that I might be pregnant as soon as I was pregnant, because my menstrual cycle came every time I came on time.I am recruited.

@: It is also toothache, and then I feel that I am pregnant, and then that month is really not here. I really got pregnant with a pregnancy test stick.

@小: I suddenly dreamed that my father who had left our two years. I never dreamed of it in the past two years. Suddenly I dreamed of one night. After a week, I checked, and I dreamed again. I did n’t wait a few days., I went to the hospital for examination, twins, and my mother later said that it may be that your dad will send you your baby!

In fact, whether you believe it or not, the "sixth sense" of a woman is sometimes quite accurate, maybe only because of a dream, or a sudden idea, there is no basis or no reason, but the result is the case.100%hit ~ Hey, Sometimes Sometimes Bad Bud Mom also doubts whether she is a "person who chose" has some superpowers.Of course, if there is a kind of superpowers, then you can definitely give birth to such a cute baby’s ability ~ Keke, don’t talk far, let’s talk about it today: the sixth sense of expectant mothers, what are the differences between you?Signs of pregnancy?You can also tell us ~

The original content of this number shall not be reproduced without any platform, and it must be investigated in violation of the law.

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