How do you know if your baby is normal after pregnancy?

Each couple has been married for many years.The little baby is white and fat, so flattering.But this little baby will not be called father, mother, and will not eat a small spoon.The tongue often extends outside, and the fat face is often dementia. The hospital is diagnosed with a lifeline of dementia.Doctors sue them. If the second child is regenerated, the duplicate risk rate is higher, and a prenatal diagnosis must be performed to prevent such babies such as regeneration.

This couple did a prenatal diagnosis when they were more than 4 months pregnant for the second time. The diagnosis of fetal chromosome was also a congenital a fool. The doctor mobilized them to do artificial abortion.This unfortunately encountered this couple like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. It was unfortunate!

Later, the couple became pregnant again and was diagnosed with normal twins.Now this pair of Sisters Li Sheng is lively and cute, smart.Why do you know if he is sick before the fetus is born? This is the mystery of the new technique of prenatal diagnosis. One checks various chromosomal diseases and some genetic diseases from the parent.

There are more than 4,000 genetic diseases, which are divided into two categories: chromosomal disease and genetic disease:

There is no cure at present, and only prenatal diagnosis measures can be taken to avoid the emergence of such diseases.The so -called "prenatal diagnosis" is to check the changes in the genetic information of amniotic fluid cells within 5 months of pregnancy and judge whether the fetal disease is ill or not.), Artificial abortion should be implemented after diagnosis to avoid the birth of children.On the other hand, it can analyze whether these cells have genetic enzyme defects.Congenital metabolic disease due to enzyme deletions, etc. due to composite lactose, adhesive polysaccharide accumulation, hypercorphy urine, and albinism.Therefore, the enzyme deficiency can be determined by the biochemical technology.150 congenital metabolic diseases can now be detected.In recent years, DNA reorganization technology has also been used to diagnose fetal diseases such as thalassemia, pistilu urine, hemophilia, pseudo -hypertrophic malnutrition syndrome, and self -destructive container.Measure the content of A nail protein in amniotic fluid and compulsory bilones, and can diagnose neural tube defects such as brain -free, spine cracks and meninges.

So, who needs to do prenatal diagnosis? According to the requirements of pregnant women, family history, and previous fertility, pregnant women who meet the following conditions should do prenatal diagnosis:

1. Those with abnormalities in the first fetus after chromosomal examination, such as congenital stupidity.Because the front tire is the most congenital symptom, the risk rate of 2.8%(group probability is 1/1000) is greatly increased.

2. The front tire is a multi -gene time type, such as the brainless child, and the risk of repeating the next child is 5 ~ 10%.Although these children do not survive for a long time, early diagnosis is good for the health of the mother.

The possibility of abnormal newborn in pregnant women over 3.35 years of age will increase with age, such as 1/900 ~ 1000 years old, 1/365 years old, 1/109, 40, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45, 45.The age is 1/32, and the other genetic diseases have increased accordingly.

4. Habitat abortion, history of death, or chromosomal deformity carriers in either party.5. Patients with genetic diseases or carriers in front tires or homes, the incidence of fetal fetuses will be higher. For example, mothers are normal, but they have hemophilia, self -disodia, and pseudo -hypertrophy.For the pathogenic gene, the boy he gave birth to a 1/2 chance of illness with oteururururururururoniduritar urine, thalassemia, and other ivable causes of orthodontics. All offspring will have a certain chance of illness.

6, contact with radiation or chemical mutagenic agents, as well as viruses such as hepatitis, mumps, flu, and rubella in pregnancy, or take a large number of antibiotics may induce fetal congenital defects.

It is hoped that the general public will know the knowledge of eugenics, and those with adaptive disease should consciously perform prenatal diagnosis.May the nursery couples have a lively, healthy, smart and cute baby.

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