How do you find that you are pregnant?It was so strange that Bao Ma’s second child was 7 months pregnant.

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A real person shared by a netizen on the Internet.Her friend, after giving birth to a baby, took a baby at home, went to the hospital for examination, and suddenly found that her second child was seven months.Everyone was shocked, asked her not feeling?She said no; did she not feel that she was fat, she said she thought it hadn’t been reduced after giving birth; it was not surprising that she wouldn’t have menstruation?She said she thought she hadn’t been treated well; did she ask her no reaction to vomiting?She said nothing at all; for seven months, would the baby feel that he didn’t feel it?She said she didn’t pay much attention, and Bai Dabao was tired enough.

Someone commented: This is very good, and it is uncomfortable in July, and you don’t have to work so hard.Some people commented: It saves a large amount of inspection costs.Some people comment: This is a blind compilation. The 7 -month -old baby’s fetal movement is already very obvious, and it is impossible to feel at all.A doctor commented: This situation has seen a lot in the clinic, more exaggerated than this.

In fact, there are many similar cases in real life.Some time ago, the news said that a American woman ate outside. In the early morning of the night, the stomach had a pain in the stomach. I thought that the food in the restaurant was not clean.The second son, the woman knew that she was pregnant after giving birth.There is also a Chinese woman’s abdominal colic, thinking that she had appendicitis. She went to the hospital for examination. Before the results of the blood test, she gave birth to a daughter.

Why do some people have a fierce response, while others have no feeling at all?

In fact, the four words can be explained, that is, individual differences.Some are because of individual differences in the body, and some are psychological differences.Like the friend of a netizen.She just gave birth to Dabao, her menstruation was irregular, and her body was fat. In addition, she was exhausted with Dabao’s physical and mental exhaustion.Some people have a great pregnancy response, nausea and vomiting, weak, dizzy, panic and palpitations, and they are torture.

Some people are really careless, and they don’t think they can get pregnant at all, so they don’t notice it when they are pregnant.One person said that his sister -in -law could not be pregnant. After seeing a lot of doctors, he couldn’t use various treatments, so he gave up asking for a child.Later, suddenly her stomach had a lot of pain. When her husband kneaded her belly, she found that there was something in her belly, and she would move. She was frightened to his husband and wife.As a result, I was pregnant for six or seven months.

I do n’t know if pregnant women are pregnant, it is a dangerous thing for pregnant women and children

Here, for the sake of mothers and children, they can give you some knowledge.Moms that do not know that menstruation during breastfeeding may also have ovulation.Do not come to menstruation does not mean that it will not ovulate.There is no absolute security period at all.After giving birth, we must strictly contraception, especially the cesarean section. It is best to get pregnant for more than two years and then get pregnant, which gives a certain recovery time.

How did you find that you are pregnant?


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