How do you feel pregnant?ugly

When you want to take pictures in history, the most embarrassing time must be: after pregnancy.

Don’t shoot, the most special commemoration is missing,

Shoot, I’m afraid of "stunning" to myself!

Some mothers’ photos before and after pregnancy are simply a big change!

Those who have not changed or are still beautiful, I ignore it directly,

You are here to pull hatred.

I just want to see who will be worse than me!


For some mothers, it is more fierce than disfigurement.

Look at the picture to feel.



Before pregnancy:

After pregnancy:

Can’t bear to look, I really ate it one by one.

Comments: The previous one was full of vitality, the next one was a fat aunt who "could not bear to look straight".Different lives, come and have a baby trial.


Before pregnancy:

After pregnancy:

Feeling: I got 60 pounds of fat during the whole pregnancy. The ghost knew that I had experienced the magic horse. I just lost weight after giving birth, and I didn’t know who gave me the courage to conceive the second child.

Comments: This change is really solid. Before pregnancy, you are not thin or fat. It is just right. After pregnancy, you can get fat and get a ball. It feels like walking on the ground.Kill a pig knife.


Before pregnancy:

After pregnancy:

Feeling: Before pregnancy, the fine legs of the hips are small waist, and after pregnancy, breasts, fat buttocks, elephant legs.

Comment: Before pregnancy, S code, M code after pregnancy, net red body before pregnancy, round pregnant mother after pregnancy, this change is still acceptable.

@ @车 小

Before pregnancy:

After pregnancy:

Feeling: Erbao is now 35 weeks, kicking kick every day.In the third trimester, all kinds of uncomfortable experiences have been experienced again. Although hard, I do n’t regret it ~ Dabao wakes up every day and will kiss my belly, say hello to Erbao ~ Do you wake up your sister and sister?Sister, kick lightly!

Comments: It’s still a bit of the style of a second child, which is a lot round.

@494 … 14

Before pregnancy:

After pregnancy:

Feeling: The only one that is very hard to find, the photos of pregnancy, rarely take yourself during pregnancy.

Comments: When is the most time in history that I don’t want to take pictures?Pregnancy can definitely be on the list. The magic of pregnancy is to make girls change from the goddess for a second.


Before pregnancy:

After pregnancy:

Feeling: For the first time, the stomach is relatively large. Only the three months in the middle of pregnancy are the most comfortable.

Comments: Goddess to aunt, you just need to conceive to experience this shocking change, this skin color, this temperament, this face value, is this really a person?

@Y Hey

Feeling: There is no good appetite without pregnancy. It is not a good thing. I feel that the road to weight loss is far away.

Comments: Before pregnancy, white and beautiful long legs, wide -body and fat as aunt after pregnancy. Before and after pregnancy, it really transformed from top to bottom.Believe.


Feeling: 65 pounds of fatter during pregnancy, this is the price that I can’t control the mouth. There are still 20 pounds for four months after giving birth.

Comments: 65 pounds!IntersectionThis meat is going to stick to me. I guess I can’t move anymore. What is the most destroyed temperament? It should be that she is 5.60 pounds, and there are two style of painting left and right.

@死 … will die

Feeling: 100 pounds before pregnancy, 165 pounds in pregnancy, 110 pounds for three months after giving birth. During pregnancy and birth baby, they are particularly twisted.

Comments: Before pregnancy, what do you say after pregnancy? What do you say after pregnancy?Just count the temperament value, it is really fat destroying everything. Each baby is not only exchanged for mothers with life, but also exchanged with beauty temperament.

@ @凩 凩

Feeling: Before pregnancy, 32 weeks, and 39 weeks, the stomach is full of stretch marks.

Comments: Before pregnancy, the college girl was full of vitality. After pregnancy, she became a strong pregnant mother. The stretch marks on the stomach were faintly visible, but this change is not attentive.

Want to say that pregnant pregnancy is a big change for women.Fortunately, these changes are finally exchanged for babies, everything is worth it.

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