How do women know that they are pregnant

How do you know that you are pregnant

A few weeks before conception, many women did not know that they were pregnant due to the changes in their bodies.Early symptoms of pregnancy include delaying the menstrual cycle for a week or even more. Some women’s appetite will suddenly change, such as what I love to eat before I suddenly do not like to eat, or suddenly want to eat sour things.

How do you know you are pregnant

In the first month of conception, pregnant women will not feel that new life has sprung up.At this time, there are some important signs to remind women of childbearing age that she may be pregnant.* Couples who do not come to the menstrual period, if you do not take any contraceptive measures, have a normal sexual life before and after ovulation. Usually the menstrual cycle is normal.Whether to get pregnant.At this time, the hospital can detect the signs of pregnancy.If you expire for 1 month, it will definitely be pregnant.However, some women are pregnant and are pregnant, but when the menstruation should be menstruation, it still goes through or twice.But attentive people will feel that menstrual blood is less than usual, and the date is shorter than before.* When the special basis body temperature is normal, the basic body temperature of childcare women is a typical two -way body temperature with menstrual tide to mid -term (2 weeks before menstruation), and then high body temperature (about 0.4 ° C than the previous body temperature of about 0.4 ° C).If the temperature of the later time has been at a high temperature phase, and the menstruation of more than 21 days is still not tide, it is a manifestation of early pregnancy.This is an important symbol to measure pregnancy.* The changes in appetite. Some women have begun to change appetite shortly (1-2 weeks) shortly (1-2 weeks).Nausea, vomiting, worsening in the morning.The taste has also changed: after menopause, I suddenly like sour taste or other foods that I didn’t like; I am tired of greasy; I usually like to eat things, I don’t like to eat it now;I do n’t want to eat anything, and even when I smell food, I want to vomit, and so on.Medically, this phenomenon is "early pregnancy reaction". This is not a disease, and generally does not need to be treated with drugs.After half a month to a month, these symptoms will disappear naturally.* The changes in breasts In the early days of pregnancy, the breasts will increase, and it becomes solid and heavy, and has a feeling of fullness and tingling.The isola color is deeper, the small particles appear particularly prominent, and the brown nodules appear.* Frequent urination occurs in the early stages of pregnancy, and the number of urination is increased. This is the symptoms caused by the increase in the uterus and compress the bladder.This situation is different from the urinary system infection, without dysuria and fever.It is a natural phenomenon that does not need treatment.* Schi -fatigue, drowsiness in the early stages of pregnancy, feels tired, has no strength, and wants to sleep.This period will not last too long, and it will be able to pass soon.* Emotional fluctuations, easy to feel sentimental

Pregnancy signs

1. Uterine enlarged uterus has gradually increased with the progress of pregnancy.When checking the abdomen, according to the height of the bottom of the palace and the length of the uterine, it can help judge the number of pregnancy weeks.The height of the palace is different due to the shame of the pregnant woman, the development of the fetus, the amount of amniotic fluid, a single or multiple fetus, etc., so it is for reference only.

2. The activity of the fetal movement in the uterine impact in the uterus is called fetal movement.Fetal movement is a good manifestation of the fetal condition.Pregnant women start consciously fetal movement at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. The more pregnancy weeks, the more active fetal movement, but the fetal movement gradually decreases at the end of pregnancy.The fetal movement is about 3-5 times per hour.

3. The fetal heart sound can hear the fetal heart sound with the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.The fetal heart sounds are double -tone, like the "tick" sound of the clock, which is fast.120-160 times per minute.You can diagnose pregnancy when you hear the fetal heart sound.The fetal heart sound needs to be distinguished from the uterine murmical, abdominal aortic sound, fetal movement and umbilical cord noise

4. After 20 weeks of pregnancy, the carcass can be touched through the abdominal wall.The fetal head is round and hard.There is a sense of floating ball; the back of the fetus is wide and flat; the hip hips are wide and soft, the shape is slightly irregular; the fetal limbs are small and there are irregular activities.

How do you know that you are pregnant?Expert talk

Pregnant mothers should pay more special attention to take care of their bodies during pregnancy, avoid places that are prone to viruses, avoid radiation, wear radiation protection clothes, cultivate good eating habits, supplement sufficient nutrition, change the bad of partial eclipse and picky eaters,Habit.

How long can I use test strips to be tested?

Now more and more women use early pregnancy test strips to detect whether they are pregnant, but many people still don’t know how to use early pregnancy test strips.Generally speaking, early pregnancy test strips can be used on the day of the monthly period, or testing 7-10 days after the same room.You can test whether you are pregnant in about 18 days.

How long can I test the test strip

1. In general, the test for a month or 7-10 days after menstruation is more accurate for the effect.When the fertilization egg nourishing layer was formed on the 6th to 7th after fertilization, trace HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) began to secrete, and then the secretion continued to increase.The test card can only be detected after the HCG reaches a certain concentration after the HCG is secreted.The best early pregnancy test paper test time is after the sperm egg encounter: 24 hours+7+10 = 18 days.

2. Early pregnancy test strips can be regarded as a great invention. Since this convenient manipulating small note is came out, women can know whether they are pregnant earlier than in the past, so as to grasp their physical information.But when more and more young women use it as a must -have for life.

How to use early pregnancy test strips

1. Step

After determining the testing time, you can check it according to the steps. First, collect your urine. Generally, the first morning urine is the best and most accurate.After collecting the urine, insert the test strips and observe the results within 5 minutes.

2. Judgment detection results

Under normal circumstances, there are two types of early pregnancy test strips: dripping urine in the testing hole on the test strip, such as a ribbon appeared in the test strip area (some test strips are red, some test strips are blue), someIndicates not conceived.

Conversely, if an obvious strap appears in the detection area, it means positive, indicating that pregnancy occurs.This detection has the advantages of fast, convenient, sensitive, and highly specificity, which can avoid cross -reaction caused by other glucose hormones with similar structures with HCG.

How long can I get a test paper for pregnancy?Experts talk:

If the premature pregnancy test strip is stored for too long, or the test strip is moisture, it may fail, resulting in inaccurate the test results.Other diseases, such as hydatidal fetus, can also affect the test results of early pregnancy test strips.

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