How do women find that they are pregnant?Netizens shared their fun experience, and sighed after reading it very mysterious

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Speaking of which, most women will go to the hospital for detailed examination when they are pregnant, but one thing is often ignored, how do you find that he is pregnant?

Menstruation delayed?Stomach uncomfortable?No appetite?These may be the phenomenon of women who find their pregnancy, but how is it reflected?Maybe it’s fun!

How do women find that they are pregnant?Netizens sharing interesting experience, can be called twists and turns

★ The dream of fetal no scientific basis is very mysterious

Her colleague Xiao Qiao had a weird dream before she was pregnant. She dreamed that she was standing on the bridge. There were many black snakes opposite the bridge. She grinned with her teeth and was very scary!

But in the middle of the black snake, a pink snake was mixed with a pink snake. This pink snake was particularly docile. After the black snake ran away, he climbed over his body.

Dreams stopped abruptly here. Xiao Qiao felt that this dream was interesting and weird. She asked her mother -in -law what was going on.

"This may be a baby dream, you are pregnant, go to the pharmacy to buy a test paper to see!"

Xiao Qiao went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. I didn’t expect it!

★ Specific mothers eat a child with a meal?

When the neighbor Xiaofang was pregnant, he didn’t know that he had a child and didn’t pay attention to eating and drinking.

Once in the morning, Xiaofang suddenly felt the taste when eating chicken racks, and the fishy smell directly covered the aroma.

Xiaofang immediately threw the remaining chicken racks, and the colleague joked after seeing it:

"You, you are very fragrant when you eat, and you throw your bones after eating. This is not seafood. How can it be fishy?"

When she heard this, Xiaofang frowned and felt that things were wrong. After another day, it seemed that it was postponed for five days. She went to the hospital for examination. She did not expect to be pregnant.

In TV series, we often see that girls may feel nauseous when they smell some kind of taste when they are pregnant, and then they want to vomit. This is a sign of pregnancy.

★ Better luck when you are pregnant?

The older generation has a saying that pregnant people are better luck.At this point, expectant mother Joey has the right to speak.

Last weekend, Joey went to fight mahjong with friends. Each game was either touched or ordered by others.

Later, my friends couldn’t help it, and vomited:

"You are so lucky, are you pregnant?"

Next, let’s listen to the experience of netizens below, and after reading it, I am very mysterious.

@小 奇

My husband said that he felt that there were not only two of us in the sleeping room, but he was also preparing for pregnancy.


After two days of menstruation, I did n’t get pregnant for two days. I was at ease. When I went to work, I felt stomachache. I thought that my aunt was coming. My colleague felt that my face was wrong, so I said that taking me to buy a pregnancy test paper.

When I went to the market to buy food at night, I vomited when I smelled the fishy smell. Later, my colleagues sent me home to test the bathroom for testing, and two red bars.

@ @小 小

After getting married, my mother would ask my aunt or not, once eating pork ribs to eat, and after telling my mother, I directly asked my aunt or not, but I was pregnant.It’s amazing.

★ How to judge that you are pregnant?Don’t ignore these signals

Everyone will not buy pregnancy test sticks and test paper for no reason. There must be a precursor.

The most obvious precursor is that the "big aunt" is postponed. If the menstruation has always been normal and suddenly irregular, and there is just a husband and wife life recently, then pay attention.

In addition, pregnant women’s progesterone will increase, more likely to fall into fatigue, and there is a phenomenon of drowsiness and dreams. This is why pregnant women have a dream of fetal dreams. The quality of sleep is poor.

Therefore, there is no scientific basis for fetal dreams. Do not believe in the metaphysics of fetal dreams too much.

The plots on TV may not be fake. The precursors of expectant mothers have nausea and vomiting after pregnancy. The pungent smell will have a large response.

In the end, some expectant mothers will feel that the stomach becomes larger and has a hard block when she is pregnant. If the belly is smaller in the past, and suddenly becomes larger and hardened, this is also one of the signs.

Each woman has a different constitution. Because of this, the reaction and signs after pregnancy are different, but they are roughly the same. The main criteria for judgment are menstruation and appetite.

This issue: How do you know that you are pregnant?

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