How do pregnant women eat fruit?"Affordable" is better than "eating more".

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After pregnancy, I always hear someone persuading you to eat fruits:

Eat more fruits during pregnancy, and the baby’s skin is good.

I heard that pregnant women eat more fruits, the baby is particularly smart!

Eat more grapes during pregnancy.

We also know that eating fruit in moderation is indeed a lot of benefits, especially after pregnancy. In addition to considering their nutritional supplements, the pregnant mother must also consider the nutritional supply of the fetus. Then eat some fruits properly to themselves and the fetus.

However, "everything is merit", although the benefits of eating fruits are so many, but pregnant women are also particular about eating fruits., Get in pregnant mothers!

Pregnant women are not good at eating fruits, and how much fruit eats every day is actually standard.

According to the suggestions of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines, the recommended amount of fruits a day for pregnant women is 200-400 grams. If it is an apple with a large fist, it is almost 1-2.

If you do n’t know how many pregnant women are, you can “buy them according to their portions” when you buy fruit in the supermarket.

You can also buy a few fruits at the same time, all of which are 200-400g. Buy it back and then eat it.

Not all fruits are suitable for pregnant women. One is to see the physical condition of the pregnant woman itself, and the other is to see the freshness of the fruit.

Seeing physical condition: Under normal circumstances, if you are pregnant with your physical condition and the normal delivery, you can eat some seasonal fruits.

But if it is a pregnant woman with high blood sugar, eat less sugar -containing fruits to eat less or not;

If it is a pregnant woman with cold spleen and stomach, and it is easy to diarrhea, some cold fruits should be avoided;

In addition, pregnant women with allergies should avoid eating fruit that is easy to allergic.

Pregnant women with severe constipation during pregnancy should eat less hot fruits.

Considering their health and the development of the fetus, pregnant women should pay attention to these aspects when eating fruit.

① Eat according to your physical condition

For example, as mentioned earlier, pregnant women with high blood sugar and excessive weight growth avoid eating high sugar and high calories; pregnant women who often have gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea, to avoid eating cold fruits, you can eat more warmth appropriately.Hot fruit.

② Eat it every day

No matter what kind of fruit you eat, you must control the amount. Do not use your own temperament. If you want to eat a few pounds, you want to eat a few pounds.

③ Eat fresh seasonal fruits

After pregnancy, it is different from ordinary people. It requires stricter diet. For the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant women should eat fresh fruits in the season to avoid eating some anti -season fruits and avoid fresh and even deteriorated fruits.

④ The way to eat fruit should be correct

It is not recommended that pregnant women eat fruits, nor are it recommended to drink fruit juice every day and drink fruit juice. It is easy to make the daily fruits intake exceeding the amount.

In addition, it is best to eat different types of fruits, that is, to make a fruit platter, which helps to supplement different nutrition.

⑤ Pay attention to oral hygiene to protect your teeth

Many pregnant women will have small oral problems during pregnancy, and they need to protect their teeth. However, there are fermented sugar in the fruits. Therefore, it is best to rinse the mouth after eating the fruit.

⑥ Pay attention to hygiene when eating fruits

If you eat fruit raw, be sure to wash the skin. When washing, you can grab a small flour and wash it. The flour can take away the dirty things of the skin’s epidermis.

In addition, do not use a kitchen knife to cut the peel to avoid bringing the parasitic eggs to the fruit, and it is not clean.

At the different stages of pregnancy, the fetus development is different, and the state of the pregnant mother is different, so eating fruits is also particular.

For example, in the early pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have a serious pregnancy response. I always want to eat light foods. Some fruits with fragrant or sweet and sour flavors will help supplement vitamin and alleviate early pregnancy reactions, such as apples and lemons., Orange and so on.

However, some pregnant mothers will have abdominal distension at this stage, so avoid eating cold fruits, such as pear and grapefruit.

In the middle and late pregnancy, I insist on eating fruits every day to supplement vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc., which is good for promoting iron supplementation, preventing anemia, and alleviating constipation during pregnancy.

For example, eating some cherry can help iron supplementation, prevent anemia, kiwi supplementation of folic acid and other vitamins, and apples can help relieve constipation during pregnancy.

The above is the strategy of eating fruits during pregnancy. How much to eat, how to eat, what to pay attention to during pregnancy, do pregnant mothers remember?What fruits do you like to eat during pregnancy, or what suggestions for eating fruits are welcome to share.

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