How do pregnant women deal with the new crown?Need a cesarean section?Does it affect the child?Experts of Huigo Lian Mai Pregnancy Answer

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What should I do if there is a new crown symptoms in pregnant women?Does it affect your child?Is it necessary to cesters?Can I feed myself during breastfeeding?

At 10:00 on December 16th, in response to how the pregnant women responded to the new crown, the "Dahe asked medical medicine" specially broadcast live broadcast. The two pregnant experts of Huigo connected were the Director of the Yixi District District of Dashiqiaoyuan District, Zhengzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital.Feng Xiumei, Xu Yiming, deputy director of the Ninth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Xu Yiming, deputy director of the Jiuxi Hospital of Henan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

In the past two hours of live broadcast, the cumulative view of more than 220,000 people, Hui Ge chose 15 key issues to sort out the text for reference for pregnant mothers and Baoma.

If you miss this live broadcast, you can look back on platforms such as the Henan Video APP, the Dahe Bao Hiram, and the Dahe Pao Weibo to get the live dry goods.

1. Is pregnant women a sensible crowd of new crown virus?

Feng Xiumei introduced that in the past three years, repeated epidemics, experts and scholars have done a lot of data research and statistics that the probability of maternal and ordinary people infected with new crowns is similar.Mom friends don’t have to worry too much, just pay attention to protecting.

2. What are the symptoms of pregnant women infected with the new crown, will it be heavier?

"Recently, some pregnant mothers are infected with new coronary viruses, but most of them are mild, and they are similar to the symptoms of ordinary people after infection. Nose congestion, runny nose, dry throat, and throat on the respiratory tract symptoms are mostly.Sour pain. "Feng Xiumei said that the probability of severe illness is still low, but there are basic diseases, such as hypertrophic, hypertension, or pregnant mothers who combine autoimmune diseases. The symptoms may be relatively heavy after infection.

"In addition, there are symptoms of diarrhea in pregnant mothers." Feng Xiumei reminded that some pregnant mothers went to the hospital for several days at home diarrhea to go to the hospital to do nucleic acid testing.

3. Will the new crown be transmitted to the fetus and affect the fetus?

Feng Xiumei explained that the risk of infection with new crowns during pregnancy is very low. Although the baby and mother are integrated, there is a placenta barrier between them, which will separate some harmful substances in the mother from the fetus.If the infection is very heavy, or in the early pregnancy infection, there are individual placenta infections that affect the fetal condition, but it is really rare, so pregnant mothers do not have to worry too much.The frequency of routine examinations during pregnancy, such as listening to fetal heart, color Doppler ultrasound, blood routine, coagulation function, etc.

4. Can the pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy continue their pregnancy after the new crown is infected?

"In fact, the impact of the new crown virus and influenza, and the impact of the brought by the normal cold virus on the early pregnancy is similar." Feng Xiumei said that according to the current research, if the pregnant mother was infected with the new crown before 12 weeks of pregnancy, the intrauterine embryo wasThe impact is not great, but there are indeed cases of stopping the development of embryos to stop developing after early pregnancy.However, pregnant mothers do not need to be too anxious. If the embryo develops normally, the risk of infection with the new crown causes the abnormal development of various organs systems of the fetus is very small. Do not need to deliberately choose to terminate pregnancy. Under the guidance of the doctor, you can use the check and medication on time.

5. How can pregnant mothers achieve "yang enemies"?

Whether at home or in a unit, whether there are positive patients around, keep a certain distance with people.If there are patients with positive diagnosis, try not to contact in a space, pay attention to isolation and disinfection.Under the premise of keeping warm in the room, pay attention to ventilation.At the same time, maintain a good mood, pay attention to nutritional intake, and enhance resistance.

6. Pregnant women are worried about the new crown. What drugs should be prepared at home?What should I do if I can’t buy an antipyretic medicine?

Pregnant women with medicine and medication are particular. If pregnant women have mild nasal congestion and runny nose, they can first do not need medicine, drink plenty of water, rest more, and observe whether there is an aggravation.It feels that the symptoms are severe. Under the guidance of the doctor, you can use some proprietary Chinese medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying, such as Shuanghuanglian Oral Liquid, Bupleurum Oral Liquid, Pu Dilan, Anti -Virus Oral Oral Liquid.

Above 38.5 ° C, acetaminol is the preferred antipyretic medicine during pregnancy. If it is not available, the antipyretics of ibuprofen, aspirin, and compound can also be used emergency.Bleeding and hypoxia in the fetus are dangerous.

7. After pregnant women are infected with new crowns, what are the aspects of monitoring and seek medical treatment in time?

Observe whether the symptoms are aggravated, pay attention to monitoring body temperature, or whether the fetal movement is abnormal, pay attention to whether there are vaginal fluid, bleeding, tightening pain, chest tightness, dizziness and other symptoms., Asthma, heart rate too fast), combined with other obstetrics (abnormal bleeding, abdominal pain, secretions with odor), etc., you need to seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

8. Did you have any impact on the fetus for the fetus not to find pregnancy for a long time?

Feng Xiumei said that it is not uncommon to find pregnancy after vaccination. According to the three -year observation of the three years of the epidemic, although it is not recommended to vaccinate the new crown vaccine during pregnancy, it has not been found that the fetal malformation rate increases due to the vaccine.Therefore, if you find that you do n’t need to terminate your pregnancy after you are vaccinated, you can observe on time.

9. What should I pay attention to when I go to the hospital?Can I not do the inspection?

Hospital staff is dense, pregnant mothers can appropriately reduce the frequency of pregnancy examinations, but the projects that must be done during pregnancy NT, four -dimensional, etc. must not be reduced, and they need to participate in the inspection within the specified period of time.

Pregnant mothers first make an appointment on the Internet. To understand the precautions of the project in advance, try to minimize the time in the hospital, reduce the risk of staff gathering, wear N95 masks, and pregnant mothers bring protective surface screens and gloves for protection.

10. Can pregnant women still give birth after the new crown?

Can.Symptoms or mild new crowns infected with the childbirth and childbirth methods of pregnant women must be determined according to obstetric indications, not determined by the new crown.

11. Is it easier for mothers to turn into severe illness after infection?

Xu Yiming said that breastfeeding mothers are low -resistant people, but there is currently no evidence in clinical practice, which proves that breastfeeding women infected with new crowns are higher than those of other people. Therefore, everyone does not have to panic.

12. Can breastfeeding be used after infection?

No cases that have been transmitted through milk have been found, and breastfeeding mothers infected with new crowns can be breastfeed normally.

Just pay attention, it is best to squeeze breast milk to the bottle, and feed the newborns from members who have not been infected with the new crown in the family; if the whole family "recruit", pay attention to the mother when breastfeeding.Essence

13. Can mothers take antiviral drugs during breastfeeding?

Xu Yiming reminded that based on the uncertainty of antiviral drugs, it is not advocated that breastfeeding women drink antiviral drugs. It is best to treat symptomatically., Drink -cough and phlegm drugs.

So, can the symptoms of Chinese medicine, such as the lotus clearing the plague?Remind those who are cold to use them with caution. If breastfeeding women have diarrhea, etc.

14. How long can I contact the child after breastfeeding mother "Yang Kang"?

Generally speaking, the course of the new crown patient is 3-7 days, and the symptoms can be in contact with the child for a week after the symptoms fall.

15. What should I do if I miss the 42 -day inspection after giving birth?

If you have a 42-day examination due to various factors such as the epidemic, it is recommended to delay for 2-3 months. You can timely grasp the physical recovery through review. Especially for maternal mothers with hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy, it is best to review it once.

Source: Dahe Daily · Yu Video Editor: Ren Qianqian

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