How do pregnant women care for their bodies in winter?These 3 things should be done well

At the end of the year, the temperature in all parts of the country has become lower and lower, especially in the northeast region.For pregnant women, in order to safe and healthy winter, there are still many matters to pay attention to in the cold winter.In addition to keeping warmth in the body, it is also necessary to prevent sprains, injury, and so on.

1. Appropriate sun exposure

Pregnant women should maintain indoor air circulation in winter, often open windows and ventilation, and keep indoor air circulation and freshness.The sun can be taken for half an hour a day, which can promote the synthesis of vitamin D3 and help the gastrointestinal tract absorb calcium and phosphorus minerals.If the weather is not good, you can promote the blood circulation of the whole body through the methods of yoga, walking, etc.

2. Pay attention to living and clothes

In winter, the temperature is relatively low and the temperature changes are relatively large, which will reduce the resistance of the respiratory tract. It is prone to diseases such as influenza, upper respiratory tract infections, and affect the growth and development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should pay attention to the warmth of the body. In order to prevent cold and cold when going out, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is controlled at about 7 ° C to avoid reducing resistance.In addition, when going out, try to put on a mask as much as possible, and try to avoid densely populated public places to prevent infection from affecting the health of maternal and infants.

3. Prevent falling injury

The temperature in the northern winter is relatively low, it often has snow, and it is easy to freeze on the ground. At this time, walking on it is not so safe.Moreover, the body of the pregnant woman has become bulky and is inconvenient to exercise. It is easy to sprains or wrestle, let alone in the snow or ice.Therefore, when the weather is too cold, try not to go out as much as possible. When the weather is good, you must also choose shoes with better non -slip. When walking, avoid ice to prevent accidents.

Kind tips

Try to bring a scarf or put on a turtleneck sweater when going out in winter to prevent the cold from invading from the neck.In addition, keep your skin well, take a bath every three days, take a bath for 15 minutes, and the water temperature can be around 40 ° C. Use warm water to clean the nipples.Each time you take a bath, apply moisturizing milk in time to prevent the skin from desquamation and itching.You must adjust your diet in winter and not eat too hot food, such as dog beef and mutton or longan, so as not to cause your body to get angry.

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