How do pregnant mothers know whether the baby is healthy at home?The obstetrician said that only this trick is needed

The pregnant mother, Xiao Jia, has passed 28 weeks of pregnancy. According to routine, it is necessary to do a birth check every two weeks, but now the epidemic has not ended. After the telephone consultation doctor, she is suggested to monitor at home.

"The doctor said that I had a good examination before the inspection, so that I could not go to the hospital without going to the hospital. Some examinations could be appropriately delayed. The doctor also explained it. When I did n’t go to the hospital, I insisted that I had fetal movement counting every day and monitoring.The baby’s situation in the stomach. I used to observe the fetal movement before, and I didn’t count it seriously. This can give me difficult to live. How can I count it accurately? "Xiao Jia asked.

What should I do if the epidemic is not available on time?I found Dr. Zheng, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department. She said that in fact, as long as the mother learns to count the fetal movement, she can initially determine the baby’s health.

Fetal movement is the activity of the baby in the uterus. It is a kind of life signs of the fetus. Normal fetal movements indicate that the nutrition and oxygen that transports the baby is sufficient, and the baby is comfortable in the uterus.When the baby is hypoxic in the uterus in some reason, the baby will have abnormal fetal movement.Therefore, several tires can evaluate whether the baby is hypoxic and reflect whether the state of the baby’s baby is normal. It is a simple and important fetal monitoring method. Mastering the changes in fetal movement every day. You can always understand whether the baby is safe in the uterus.problem found.

Most expectant mothers have felt fetal movement from about 20 weeks of pregnancy. As the gestational week increases, the consciousness of fetal movement will gradually increase. At 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy, the peak of the fetal movement is the most obvious. Mom can feel the baby baby every day.Fisting and kicking.Subsequently, because the baby grew up, the activity space in the uterus was relatively smaller, and it was a bit impossible to show. After 38 weeks, it gradually weakened.

Generally, before 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers should pay attention to observing the rules of fetal movement, and baby baby is generally more active at night and afternoon.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, expectant mothers will start to move several fetuses.

1. Take a small copy of the tire, write the date, time, and record the number of fetal movements to avoid omitted.

2. After three meals a day, you can count 1 hour of fetal movement in a quiet state.

Note: If there is a continuous fetal movement or feel the fetal movement at the same time at the same time, this can only be regarded as once.It is generally believed that at least a baby will stop for a few minutes before it can be counted as another time. The expectant mothers can unify the standard before and after.

3. Under normal circumstances, fetal movements ≥ 3 times or 12 hours of fetal movement ≥30 times per hour

Note: The number of fetal movements of 12 hours: that is, three times in the morning, middle, and late, and the number of fetal movements per hour each time, and then multiply 4.

4, abnormal situation:

· If 12 hours of fetal movement <10 times, or less than half compared to usual, there is the possibility of hypoxia in the fetus, and expectant mothers should go to the hospital in time.

· If you find that the fetal movement of the fetal baby is obviously different from the time, especially the increase is significantly increased first, and then the significantly decreases. We must be alert to the fetal hypoxia. The expectant mothers should go to the hospital for examination immediately to confirm the state of the baby.

In short, it is very important to count fetal movements in the third trimester. Have you learned that pregnant mothers have learned?

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