How do I take soreness scientifically when I am pregnant?

Each expectant mother has experienced "pregnancy" torture during pregnancy. After turning over the sea and darkness, she will inexplicably want to eat sour.There is a day when you have missed the time when you are careless to drink cola and eat sauerkraut fish before pregnancy. Did you even see the vinegar in the kitchen and start to swallow?

Xiao He wants to tell expectant mothers that it is normal to want to eat acid.

After pregnancy, the placenta will secrete a substance that suppress gastric acid, which will cause pregnant women to cause nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.The sour taste can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice in the body, and then play a role in enhancing appetite. Therefore, mothers who like to eat sour food during pregnancy.

But what are the nutrients for sour food?How to eat?How to avoid food that is harmful to the fetus?Xiao He will give you a detailed way.

Benefits for acidity

① Promote fetal bone development

After two or three months of pregnancy, the fetus’s bones begin to form.Calcium is the main component of the bone. The acidic substances can just improve the solubility of calcium in the food, make the fetus easier to absorb, and thereby promoting the development of fetal skeletal development.

② Supplement vitamin C

Most of the acidic foods, especially some fresh fruits, are mostly rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C can enhance the resistance of mothers during pregnancy and escort the healthy development of the fetus.

Which sour foods are healthier

>>> Green Apple

As the most common fruits in life, Apple contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, as well as the most unique apple acid and fine fiber, etc., which can alleviate pregnancy vomiting and revitalize appetite.

>>> Cherry

Cherry not only has the highest content of all fruits, but also is rich in carotene, vitamin B1, B2, C, and citric acid, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. Eating more can not only play a role in nourishing blood, but also help gastrointestinal digestion digestionAbsorbing, the baby you gave birth to a rosy and healthy face.

>>> Grape

Grapes are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium, organic acids, lecithin, carotene, and vitamin B1, C and other nutrients. When pregnant women have symptoms of anemia such as insufficient anemia, grapes are the best choice, and grapes have a tire.The role.

Which sour foods can’t be eaten

>>> Hawthorn

The sweet and sour taste of hawthorn is naturally loved by many pregnant women, but because hawthorn can cause uterine contraction, eating too much or even abortion. For pregnant women, hawthorn is best to stay away.

>>> Sauerkraut and other pickled foods

During the decline in appetite for pregnant women, she may germinate the idea of eating sauerkraut or pickled vegetables.However, pickled foods with high nitrates, nitrite and other substances with high content are easily synthesized in the stomach of pregnant women and can easily cause adverse effects on the fetus.

❤ Scientific sourness is not only aimed at the mother’s own protection, but also the responsibility of the growth of the fetus.Choose the right sour food, eat it healthily, and the pregnancy is solved by self -reliance, and it can be "sour" during pregnancy.

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