How do I know that I am pregnant?What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?

How do you know that you are pregnant?When did you start to react?How can I be sure if I am pregnant?What are the symptoms of early pregnancy?These are the topics that are very concerned about expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time.Below Qiao Mom will be revealed for you. When a small life is coming, what will change your body.

1. The breast becomes sensitive

How to judge pregnancy? One of the obvious features of pregnancy is: breasts are tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant.After your body adapts to a large number of hormones, this pain will fade, and your breasts will not feel uncomfortable.

2. Emotional and irritable

Although some expectant mothers have carefully arranged their own pregnancy things, they will inevitably have problems such as their careers, economy, insurance, and the relationship between mother and child, and even future life.

3. Go to the toilet again

After the early pregnancy, the symptoms of increasing urination due to increasing uterine compression of the bladder often appear to the toilet frequently.Don’t worry, as the uterus gradually increases beyond the pelvic cavity, frequent urination will disappear naturally until the third trimester will appear again.

4. fatigue

Early symptoms of pregnancy, you may go to bed early, but find that it is more difficult to get up in the morning.If you have a job and do it at noon, you will feel that you need to find a place to lie down and rest.Exercise becomes high consumption.Simple activities such as shopping.

5. Sensitive to odor

Whether it is a very pleasant taste: the flavor or perfume flavor of food, or the taste of the grass, the taste of the gasoline station, the taste of various foods, the taste of the cleaning agent, the smell of perfume, the cigarette flavor, etc.It may cause you to feel sick.

6. menopause

How long can I test it when I am pregnant? First of all, your menstruation will not come as scheduled, but in the first three months, you may continue to have a small amount of blood. This is why some women do not realize that they are pregnant until three months of pregnancy.About 7 days after pregnancy, you will have so -called cultivation of bleeding.

If you feel that you are pregnant, but you have not been tested yet, it is recommended that sisters still treat their bodies when they are pregnant, after all, the baby can’t afford to hurt.In fact, early pregnancy reactions are different. Some pregnant mothers have no early pregnancy response, and some pregnant mothers only have a early pregnancy reaction. Some pregnant mothers even find that they are pregnant in three months.Some unlucky sisters have many symptoms, but later the aunt came, it was not surprising!This is caused by thinking about the baby, and the baby wants to crazy, but there is an early pregnancy reaction without pregnancy.Sisters, don’t worry too much, come or not, all fate!

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