How do I know myself ovulation?If these symptoms occur, hurry up in the same room

Ovulation is very important for women who want to get pregnant. Normal ovulation can have the opportunity to get pregnant. If ovulation is abnormal, it will cause women infertility.Female friends, in fact, women feel when they ovulate, and many women may notice it.So, how do you know that you have ovulated?

1. Bleeding during ovulation

In addition to producing eggs, ovarian also regulates the secretion of female endocrine hormones.Therefore, before and after ovulation, the level of estrogen in women will fluctuate, which may cause a small amount of uterine bleeding.This phenomenon is called ovulation bleeding, so if a small amount of bleeding occurs without any disease, it means that the ovulation has arrived.

2. Rise body temperature

After female ovulation, the secretion of progesterone will fluctuate greatly. Generally, the temperature will increase slightly after ovulation. If you can insist on measuring the basal body temperature every morning, you can calculate your own ovulation date based on the change of body temperature.The success rate of pregnancy is helpful.

3. Anal swelling or lower abdomen pain on one side

When the mature ovaries are discharged from the surface of the ovary, it is necessary to break through a layer of film filter on the surface of the ovaries. At this time, a small amount of liquid in the foam will flow into the lower part of the pelvic cavity. At this timeThe feeling of falling, at the same time, there will be a slight pain in the lower abdomen.

4. Increase vaginal secretions

When the women’s ovulation is close, the vaginal secretions will become more, and they will become thinner. The color is milky white, so at this time women will see wet panties every time.Three days, so female friends must hurry up with time in the same room.

First, B -ultrasound detects follicles.

Under the monitoring of B -ultrasound, we can see that follicles have changed from small.Follicles with a diameter greater than 18mm can be regarded as advantageous follicles and are about to ovulate.At this time you can live in a room every day or every other day.

B -ultrasound can also find changes in ovarian after ovulation and confirm whether ovulation occurs, so regular B -ultrasound monitoring ovulation is the most accurate method for measuring ovulation.But go to the hospital again and again, it is troublesome.

Second, the basal body temperature is determined.

After ovulation, the basal body temperature will increase by 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees Celsius, but the basic body temperature will receive too many factors, and the body temperature will increase after ovulation, which is of little significance to guide the same room.

Third, ovulation test strip.

The luteum -generated hormone (LH) peak before ovulation will make the ovulation test strip positive.The LH in the urine will appear within 24-48 hours before ovulation. The use of the ovulation test strip can more accurately detect the peak level of LH.

The above is the monitoring method of symptoms and ovulation during ovulation. I hope to help women. If you are preparing for pregnancy, you can refer to the above methods to find your own ovulation period and prepare for the same room. This can greatly increase the probability of pregnancy.Essence

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