How do expectant mothers calculate the pregnancy week?

During the due date, as the name suggests, the fetus is expected to be born.Although pregnant mothers do not fully know when the fetus is born, it is expected to be very important when the fetus is born.Today I will share with you the most common method of calculating due date!

1. Traditional pregnancy age calculation method: according to the last menstrual period (LMP)

The month of the first day of the last menstrual period is 9 or decreased by 3, which is the number of expected month; the number of days plus 7, the due date.

For example: The last menstrual period is February 1, 2023, month: February+9 = November (2023), Date: 1 day+7 = 8, then due date: November 8th (2023)Essence

However, this method is only applicable to menstrual rules, with a cycle of 28-30 days of pregnant women.

Second, ultrasound method calculation of pregnancy age

Pregnant women who have irregular menstruation, inability to remember the second menstrual period, and after miscarriage or pregnant pregnancy can be calculated according to the early ultrasound.

Early ultrasound methods are to measure the due date through B -ultrasound, long embryo, and long hip length.On the 35th day of menopause, a circular or oval pregnancy sac is seen in the uterine cavity; at 6 weeks of pregnancy, the germ and primitive heart tube beating are seen; 11-13+6 weeks of pregnancy can measure the length of the fetal top hip.Correct due date.

1. Pregnancy sac (GS):

This pregnancy age is estimated to only be within 7 weeks of pregnancy.The average inner diameter (MM) of the pregnancy sac measured by the B ultrasound is the number of pregnancy days.That is: pregnancy age (day) = the average inner diameter (MM)+30 of the pregnancy sac.For example, when the size of an ultrasonic measurement is 4x6mm, the average inner diameter is (4+6) ÷ 2 = 5mm, and the pregnancy age is 5mm+30 = 35 days (5 weeks).

2. Long embryo and long hip (CRL):

On the 43-67 days of pregnancy, the number of pregnancy days for long embryos is relatively accurate.The gestational age is about the length of the embryo (MM) plus 42 days, namely: pregnancy age (day) = embryo (mm) +42.For example: embryo is 20mm long, and the pregnancy age is 20+42 = 62 days.

At about 7-12 weeks, measuring the length of the top hip is the most accurate way to estimate the size of the pregnancy.Pregnancy age (week) = top hip length (cm) +6.5.For example, the ultrasonic measurement of the top hip is 4.5cm, then the gestational week = 4.5+6.5 = 11 weeks.It is necessary to pay attention to the length of the hips> 84mm, and this method is not accurate.

3. Ultrasonic algorithm in the middle of pregnancy:

If there is no color Doppler ultrasound in the early pregnancy and the last menstrual period of the end of pregnancy, it can only be passed through the second trimester of color Doppler ultrasound. According to the fetal double -top diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference, femoral length, etc.However, compared with ultrasound in the early pregnancy, the reliability of checking the pregnancy week according to the size of the ultrasonic tire in the middle of pregnancy must be discounted.

If there is no ultrasound determination or correction of pregnancy before 22+6 weeks of pregnancy, the due date of the last menstrual period is an inaccurate pregnancy.Due to the different growth and development of the fetus, the fetus in the middle and late pregnancy, especially the fetus greater than 34-36 weeks, is difficult to accurately evaluate. We should re-evaluate growth parameters for the fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy to ensure the safety of the palace.

Finally, it is emphasized again that before 9 weeks of pregnancy: the difference between the pregnancy weeks of the pregnancy weeks and the B -ultrasound in the last menstrual period is calculated according to the last menstrual period;The corresponding due date also needs to be revised.If you are between 9-14 weeks of pregnancy: the difference between the pregnancy weeks of the last menstrual period and the B-ultrasound is more than 7 days, and the gestational week is changed to the B-ultrasound of the pregnancy weeks; within 7 days, the gestational week is calculated according to the last menstrual period.

Pregnant mothers, can you all calculate the pregnancy week now.Correctly checking the weeks of pregnancy is critical. It can gradually observe whether the fetal growth and development can be gradually observed in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is large or small that the fetus is large or small, which can make clinicians be vigilantExcessive, excessive nutritional nutrition or control during gestational diabetes, etc., instruct pregnant women to go smoothly throughout pregnancy, and produce a healthy baby.If you are pregnant, be sure to do an ultrasound examination to see if it is internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy and the size of the pregnancy sac. To 11 to 13+6 weeks, a NT examination is measured to measure the long hip of the embryo and save it.Report forms, these are very helpful to check your doctors.【Maternal One Section Wu Junping】

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