How difficult is the fallopian tube blocking pregnancy?

During the clinical work, couples often encountered infertility because of infertility.The causes of higher incidence are: ovulation disorders, abnormal semen, abnormal fallopian tubes, infertility of unknown causes, endometriosis, etc.From this point of view, fallopian tubes are also an important factor that leads to infertility, accounting for 25%to 35%of women’s infertility.

What causes the fallopian tube to block?

1 multiple times or improper flow

Fallopian tube adhesion, water accumulation, blocked, often related to factors such as human flow and sexually transmitted diseases.Many young women will say, "I have not done abortion, why have I become a victim of the fallopian tube blocking?" In fact, most of the tubal blockage is caused by the acquired factor, and the flow of people is only one of them.

2 gynecological inflammation

Most of the blocked fallopian tubes are caused by inflammation, and the most one of them is pelvic inflammatory disease.There are many factors that trigger pelvic inflammatory disease, and vaginitis is quite common.Generally speaking, good physical resistance and timely treatment will not cause blockage, but people with weak resistance need to pay special attention.

3 I don’t pay attention to hygiene and the same room during menstruation

The infection of sexual transmission pathways such as mycoplasma and clothing chlamydia due to disobedience, such as hygiene, menstrual rooms, etc., chain reactions of endometriosis, tuberculosis infection, chocolate cysts, early ovarian cysts and other compressive fallopian tubes are incubation.

So how can I scientifically confirm whether the fallopian tube is blocked?

The fallopian tube blockage does not feel much for many women, but if women have been pregnant for a long time, they have not been pregnant, and most of them are blocked by the fallopian tube. It is recommended to go to a professional hospital for a comprehensive examination to check whether the fallopian tube is infertile.

Scientific examination: The tubal iodone radiography is currently an advanced fallopian tube blocking diagnosis method. It can clearly see the internal situation of the fallopian tube and position the blockage site and type.

Treatment of fallopian tubes

Treatment needs to be surgical based on the severity of the block.

1 The near -end of the fallopian tube is blocked. Generally, the method of "presence" is adopted to "open the door" for these blocking places.As long as there is no obvious tubal and adhesion around the ovaries, the separated umbrella end mucosa is good, and more than 80%of patients can get intrauterine pregnancy after surgery.

2 If it is interrupted and blocked, the fallopian tube conformity is a commonly used surgical method. The blocking part of the fallopian tube in the laparoscopic is the two broken end of the fallopian tube. The success rate of pregnancy after surgery is relatively high.

3 The far -end fallopian tube blocking the lesions accounts for 85%of the fallopian tube infertility. One of the treatment methods is fallopian tubal performers. The postoperative pregnancy rate is only about 30%.Destruction is related.

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