How difficult is pregnant mother?There are more than a dozen degrees of opening the window, and my husband knows why it is sad

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There is such a study that basically a lot of hot and hot take -out every day is made by girls.It seems that there is such a cognition in our minds, that is, girls seem to be born with food, and many girls will feel that eating is a kind of enjoyment.However, we all know that when you are pregnant, you need to avoid your mouth, so many girls will feel that you can’t stand this time that you can’t eat this or not. ThereforeIt’s right.

Both psychologists and physiologists have shown that in fact, love to eat is a common sense, regardless of men and women.However, pregnancy and not to be taboo must only happen to girls.Why not avoid?Is there a scientific basis for avoiding?Let’s take a look today!

Recently, such a news has aroused widespread discussion by everyone. The news is that a pregnant woman opened the windows of the family in order to secretly eat.This expectant mother was pregnant for five months. When she returned home every day, her husband felt particularly cold, and then asked his wife to find that his wife felt that the weather was too dry.It can ventilate to prevent bacteria from breeding, while maintaining humidity.When he heard his wife say this, the husband didn’t think much.

However, until one day, her husband returned home early and returned to the house in advance.However, as soon as I got home, I smelled a very heavy spicy taste.At this time, the husband found that things were wrong. Combining the behavior of opening the window every day, he thought of the reason.Seeing her husband, the wife also felt very embarrassing and quickly explained.Husband said that you are pregnant now. Generally, you ca n’t eat these foods. Eating spicy hot and spicyness is not guaranteed to your child’s health.

Seeing that her husband was so serious and serious, his wife immediately promised that he would never eat it again.At this time, her husband thought about it, and found that it was not easy for his wife to eat such a cold day.Thinking of this, her husband was sad, and then he didn’t know how to comfort his wife.

From this incident, we can also find that it is a very difficult thing to avoid taboos.Greeting is also a common sense. For the health of the baby, the mother has also made a lot of retreat and sacrifice.Seeing this news, many netizens also said that they felt the same, and they also spoke their experiences.

Many expectant mothers do not understand the matter of avoidance.Although everyone knows that they should not eat spicy food and so on during pregnancy, the specific reasons do not understand.In fact, this is not only for the sake of children, but also a kind of protection for mothers.Next, let’s take a look at the reason!

The first is that the spicy hot and spicy is too exciting. Although we all know that there are various vegetables in the spicy spicy, there are many meat foods, which increases the stimulation of the stomach.The function of gastrointestinal dominance is digestion. There is a problem with the digestive system, which is not only not conducive to the mother’s nutritional absorption, but also not conducive to the child’s healthy growth.

In addition, when mothers are pregnant, the stomach is very fragile. If you often eat such stimulating things, it will lead to frequent fetal movements, and there are great potential threats.Therefore, the first reason is that there are too many stimulus substances in the spicy spicy.

In addition, the nutrient content in the spicy spicy is too low.For pregnant mothers, the nutrition of food should be placed first. Only in this way can our children have more nutrients to absorb and thrive.However, eating these nutrients often may lead to malnutrition.In addition, many studies have found that malnutrition is prone to various diseases for children, so mothers should also pay attention to this.

Third, it is difficult to ensure food safety.Many illegal merchants have many additives and ditch oils in order to reduce costs. At this time, if mothers in pregnancy are eaten, it is likely to cause diarrhea or other diseases.These chemicals are very harmful to the body, especially the mothers during pregnancy are relatively poor, which increases the risk of illness.

So, according to our analysis just now, isn’t it really impossible for mothers during pregnancy?In fact, it is not so strict.After all, the mood of mothers is the most important, and sometimes the impact of mood on the baby is also very great.In order to weigh the two, we should sometimes allow the greedy of expectant mothers.

Pregnant women are not a little bit of spicy and so on.Many mothers eat strictly during pregnancy, but their mood is not good every day.In the face of this situation, it is also deliberate early adopters, but it should be noted that we should be better at home, which can ensure safety and hygiene.Now the Internet science and technology are very developed. There are also many videos on the Internet. Moms can make them at home, and they can also enjoy the fun of making food by themselves.

In the end, in fact, I also want to remind you of pregnant mothers. Some foods must not be touched. Even if they are greedy, they must control themselves, otherwise they will be very harmful to their children.

The first is about drinking.We all know that no matter what kind of wine, although it does not contain alcohol, there will always be some irritating ethanol mixed in it. Drinking will cause children to develop poor intellectual development, and the consequences are very serious.Therefore, if the mothers want to touch the wine, it must not be during pregnancy. This is the responsibility of the child or the responsibility to herself.

The second is that you ca n’t eat unfamiliar food.For example, sponsor eggs, etc. Although it is delicious and delicious, it is likely to contain a variety of microorganisms, which may cause infection after eating, threatening the life of yourself and the child.Mom must attract enough attention.

The third is some cold foods, which will also cause infection, and will also make the mother’s body cold.

I believe that pregnant mothers know how to arrange their diet reasonably during pregnancy.Do you have any good views?Welcome everyone to leave a message and discuss in the comment area!

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