How did the ancients know whether the woman was pregnant

In 1350 AD, in ancient Egypt, if a woman wants to know if she is pregnant, she will "hush" in bags containing barley and wheat.There are girls, if they do not bud, they mean that they are not pregnant.

Is this pregnancy test method incredible?However, later generations experimented with this method. Except for the inaccurate gender, the accuracy of the pregnancy test method reached 70%.

In ancient Greece, if women want to know if they are pregnant, they will put onions, garlic, etc. with irritating odors before going to bed into a private part. After getting up the next morning, check whether there is a tone.It means pregnancy.

In China, there is a more elegant pregnancy test method, which is the pulse.When the pulse is for a woman, if the pulse has the feeling of iron beads passing through the fingers, the diagnosis is a happy pulse, indicating that the woman is pregnant.

In the Middle Ages, Europeans were diagnosed according to the color and odor of urine. They burned the cloth strip of women’s urine. If women smell their taste, they have vomiting reactions, they are diagnosed as pregnant.

In the record of "Women’s Gospel True", the best way to test pregnancy is to put the door in the basin, submerge the urine of women across the door, and pour the urine after three or four hours.Then the diagnosis is pregnant.

In the 16th century, a French doctor claimed that he could diagnose whether the other party was pregnant from the facial condition of women. If the woman’s pupils were reduced, the eyelids were drooping, and the eyes were swollen, they were diagnosed as pregnant.

In the 1920s, scientists used mice and rabbits to perform experiments in turn.By 1930, British scientists injected urine of pregnant women in Africa’s body in Africa, and found that female frogs would lay eggs in 6 to 12 hours. Later, the prevailing method of Jerech test was prevailing.

By the 1960s, the first pregnancy testing was interview, with an accuracy rate of 85%to 95%.

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