How did "Aunt Aunt" postpone?In addition to pregnancy, there are 4 possibilities

Many women have encountered delayed menstruation. Women of childbearing age have speculated because of delay of menstruation. I am too worried that they are pregnant, but do you know?Pregnancy is not the only cause of menstruation delay. So what causes women to delay menstruation? What factors are the factors that can delay women’s menstruation in everyone’s daily life.The menstrual cycle of general female friends is about one month. It is normal for menstruation or 7 days to delay for 7 days, but if this time is exceeded, women should pay attention.

Women are pregnant, and menstruation naturally stops. It is also the situation that everyone thinks of the first time when menstruation is delayed. In fact, if you want to confirm whether the cause of pregnancy is particularly simple, it is particularly simple.Knowing that after menstruation 7 days after menstruation, the best morning urine is used to detect urine with pregnancy test strips. If it is a positive pregnancy, it is very likely.However, whether women are delayed because of pregnancy, they have to go to the hospital for specific examinations.

Some women have the habit of taking contraceptives for a long time. After taking contraceptives, it will cause endocrine disorders in the body, and then cause menstrual delay.In addition, some experts pointed out that a gastric medicine called a mocarrine may also cause femininity or delay in menstruation.

Some experts said that if women had previously moved the uterine cavity surgery, menstruation was delayed due to surgery, which caused menstruation.So whether there have been any surgery before, whether the delay of menstruation has become one of the reasons.

If women encounter psychological factors such as long -term mental tension and excessive stress or changes in the environment, they will cause endocrine disorders in the body and then cause endocrine diseases, which will cause delay of menstruation.

Some women are stimulated by cold during menstruation, which will overwhelm blood vessels in the pelvic cavity, which can cause less lunar passage or even amenorrhea.Therefore, it is recommended that women think that it is best to achieve the laws of daily life in daily life, and try to avoid excessive labor, especially the menstrual period should be cold and humidifying.

Expert tips: If only 1-2 times of menstrual delay and no other accompaniment symptoms occasionally, it does not belong to the category of menstrual disease.Those who have a length of more than 35 days during the menstrual week call menstruation scarce and menstrual periods of more than 3 menstrual periods are called amenorrhea.Do not ovulate after amenorrhea, which can also cause problems such as osteoporosis and endometrial hyperplasia, which must be paid attention to.have a thorough checkup in hospital immediately.

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