How dangerous is thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy?The following 4 thyroid diseases should be paid attention to

How dangerous is thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy?

In the first 13 weeks, the fetus did not have thyroid, so the amount of thyroid hormone provided by the mother through the placenta.This is an important period for the formation and division of fetal body organs, so the importance of hormones is self -evident. If pregnant women have thyroid diseases, they will have a great impact on the fetus and may cause very serious consequences.Baby dangerous complications.

The following thyroid diseases should pay attention to!

1. Gravs disease:

In the Gravs disease (one of the autoimmune diseases), it will cause great stimulation to the thyroid gland. At this time, thyroid hormone secretion will greatly increase.Therefore, fetal heart rate will rise, and the growth of the fetus will slow down with the age of the fetus.The fetal thyroid may grow and become thyroid.

In a very few cases, the thyroid enoplasm may grow, making it difficult for the fetus to swallow, and the excess liquid may accumulate in the membrane around the fetus (too much amniotic fluid), resulting in early childbirth.

2. Hashimoto thyroiditis:

In this disease of this monkey, people’s autoimmune reactions can cause chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland.Automotic response is when the immune system is disordered and attacked its own tissue.When people are pregnant, the immune system will be suppressed, and the symptoms of thyroiditis of the Hashimoto may become less obvious.However, pregnant women may have thyroid dysfunction or hyperthyroidism.

3. sub -acute thyroiditis:

In fact, it is the sudden inflammation of the thyroid gland, which is very common in people’s pregnancy.And tenderness occurs with goiter.And thyroid enlargement usually occurs during respiratory tract infection.Hypertrophy of thyroid may occur, but they are temporary.

4. After gynecological dysplasia, dysfunction:

Many women in pregnancy have dysfunctional dysfunction of thyroid dysfunction and hyperthyroidism in thyroid function within half a year.

Pregnant women with any risk factors should check the TSH and free hemphrower T4 levels during early pregnancy and after childbirth.Functional disorders are usually temporary, but it may need to be treated.After childbirth, a short or persistent Grefs disease may recur.

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