How can you suffer from "vaginitis" during pregnancy?How to treat it?

Women are very hard during pregnancy. At this time, coupled with the inflammation raging, it is really miserable.In this special period, the medication is inconvenient and uncomfortable without medication. Is there any way to fight the virus and protect the fetus?

1. Many people think that the private parts are caused by the unclean life of the husband and wife. Every half of the private part is the "cannon fodder".The true source of this factor lies in itself.

2. Excessive cleaning.Women generally love cleanliness. Take me as an example. Not only do I take a bath every day, but I do n’t even have to rinse after each urination. It is comfortable that when the conditions are appropriate, women always wash and wash.It’s not wrong to talk about hygiene. If you use "drugs and solutions" every time, it is great. Although there are many "bacteria" in the vagina, it is usually acidic and alkaline.When germs, another probiotic will multiply in large quantities. Without the restrictions of natural enemies, it will be beneficial to each other.In the same way, shower gels, etc. are also the same. They will destroy the pH of the private parts. The best is to rinse with warm water, simple and healthy.

3. Decrease resistance.The resistance is invisible, but when it is at a weak level, your body will definitely have "symptoms".Compared with pregnant women, the amount of diet and exercise is not small than before. The food entrance can absorb a lot of nutrients. At the same time, it also needs to work overtime and excrete the harmful residues in various parts. Usually, you can rely on exercise to adjust the organ.Methods can only be paused, so even if pregnant women do not have "sex", they will have inflammation.

1. Steam.The effect of drugs directly, but in special circumstances, it can only be "curved to save the country."We can burn the mixture of wormwood and thick tea and salt water into boiling water, put them in a high barrel, and sit on the barrel with high temperature and steam.Although this method is slow, it will not hurt the body.

2. Dilute the potion and clean the vulva.After all, the vaginal administration will eventually affect the fetus, so we should not buy medicine privately, let alone take antibiotics. If the situation is serious, it is best to use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Vaginitis in pregnant women should have mild symptoms during pregnancy. It is only more obvious after pregnancy. The best way is to kill the signs in the cradle before preparing for pregnancy. Pregnancy is a long process.Can become "unexpected".

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