How can the sow pregnancy be distinguished?How to distinguish between sows?The methods are here

Many of our novice farmers and after breeding sow, we don’t know how to judge whether the sow is pregnant.In this article, we will list some methods to judge sow pregnancy. If we don’t know this problem well, we must collect it, because these methods are more practical.

1. Judgment according to the estrus cycle.

A sow’s estrus cycle is about 21 days.If this time is matched, it will not appear in estrus after about 21 days, which shows that the sow is successful.

According to our past breeding experience, sows are not equipped. The most common reason is endometritis. When treating this disease, we can use it: Clear Election Tai Bao, for three days to give the sows Qing Palace, you can solve the problem. You can solve the problem.Essence

2. Press the back method.

It is also 21 days after sow breeding. We can press the sow’s back after the breeding of the sow. If the sow’s back collapses, it means that there is no success in the breeding.If the sow’s spine is arched upwards, it means that the sow’s breeding is successful.

After the sow’s breeding fails, it is recommended that we use it for sow: the mother animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pachen, and the sow is used to condition the body. In this way, the next estrus cycle will be more smooth when breeding the sow.

3. Sowing method judgment method.

After the sow is successful, its belly will gradually increase, the tail will also be habitually drooping, and the pussy will generally be significantly upward.And the sows after the successful breeding are usually greedy and sleepy, and their temperament is more docile. When walking, they will be extra careful.

4. Boar Emotional Method.

After 21 days of breeding sows, if we have a boar, we can also put boars and sows together. If sows have no response to boars, it also shows that the sow breeding is successful.But now many of our small and medium -sized retail investors do not breed boars, so this must be based on the conditions of our pig farm.

5. Test paper method.

After the sow is raised, we can use the pregnancy test paper or the pregnancy test stick (the pharmacies and the Internet are basically sold) after 21 days of the breeding.If it is two bars, it means that the sow is pregnant.

6.B super method.

Conditional farmers can also use Beast B -ultrasound machines to see if sows are pregnant.Especially when judging whether sows are fake pregnancy, we use the B -ultrasound machines for beasts, which is the most accurate.If there is a case of estrus and false pregnancy, we can use the chlorine hydrolytic alcohol to terminate the durable luteal in the sows.

These methods can help us judge whether the sow is successful, and we must collect pigs.Follow me, I share practical pig raising techniques every day.

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