How can my husband solve the "physiological needs" after pregnancy?For the other half of the wife, I should see

Pregnancy is a big event for the whole family, but for the newlyweds, this also means that the interruption of normal husband and wife’s life is also easy to cause some contradictions due to "physiological needs".However, there are many solutions for this problem.


How can my husband solve the "physiological needs" after pregnancy?

Tingting and her husband were pregnant for half a year, because their husband and wife were very young, and the honeymoon period was not yet, so sometimes the husband would inevitably have some "physiological needs".But because Tingting was the first time she was pregnant, she was very careful that she was afraid that her child would be hurt, so she would always refuse her husband.

But the number of rejection was more, her husband was unhappy, and she felt guilty.So she secretly consulted the doctor on the Internet. I did not expect the doctor to say that in addition to the previous and the next few months during pregnancy, the same room can also be appropriate in the middle period, and it also helps to enhance feelings and promote children’s development.After listening to Tingting, she reluctantly accepted her husband’s request, and the couple recovered the sweetness again.

In fact, among the newlywed couples, there are many situations like Tingting and her husband.After a woman is pregnant, it is normal if the husband needs it, and how to solve it, your wives should learn it well.


How can the "physiological needs" be solved after the wife is pregnant?

1. Try not to have the same room in the first three months

In the first three months, because the fetus has not developed well, it is best not to do the same room between husband and wife.If you have "physiological needs", you must persuade your husband to endure for your child. If you hurt your child, it will not be good.You can discuss with your husband, and wait until the child’s development is stable.

2. The same room can be properly used in the second trimester

In the middle of pregnancy, if the child is found to be better after a doctor’s examination, then this period can properly meet the "physiological needs" of the husband.However, don’t be too rude when you are in the same room. Try to be gentle. If the method is right, this period can fully meet each other’s "physiological needs".

3. Do not have the same room when you are close to delivery

Nearly the labor, at this time, the pregnant mother’s body was already very heavy, and the belly was very large, so the same room itself was very inconvenient.And because it is about to be born, it is not recommended to have the same room to avoid accidents such as premature birth.At this stage, the husband and wife can prepare children’s supplies together after birth, and learn how to bring children to cultivate each other’s feelings.


In short, it is normal to have "physiological needs" during pregnancy. Wife should not blindly reject it. In the middle of the child, the two people in the middle of the child can be appropriately in the same room.

And if it is early or late pregnancy, the wife can also gently persuade her husband to wait, or do something else to divert the attention together, such as doing prenatal education for children, buying things for children, learning how to bring children, etc.Wait, this will help cultivate feelings between husband and wife, and can be more prepared until the child is born.

Here I also remind everyone to pay attention to the gentleness of the same room during pregnancy. It is best not to do the same room in the first three and two months. After all, it is the most important purpose to let the child healthy birth during pregnancy.

What other opinions do you have about this topic?What measures do you have to solve the "physiological needs" during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message below to add your suggestions.

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