How can I stunning TA as soon as I speak?(Teach you to practice a good voice that makes people get pregnant)

Good voice and good mouth, people who can speak will not be too bad.

Today, I want to tell the story of my friend Xiaohui.Xiaohui, I heard that I was going to the radio to participate in our emotional show. I was very happy and I didn’t sleep well all night.Early the next morning, I was waiting for the conveying room in the radio, one hour earlier than we agreed. She told me excitedly, "Oh, from a young age, I like to listen to the broadcast.Can speak in the broadcast.

Xiaohui, 27 years old.Fenghua Zhengmao, dreaming that true love can come to her.After an hour of recording, she walked out of the recording room.At that time, the expression on her face changed from excitement to depression, because I put back a voice when she recording.

She said at the time whether the speakers on your radio station were broken. Why was my voice so unpleasant? How could this be?In fact, this situation is not a small number.I mean that I don’t know what kind of person I am like, not a few, people always think that what they hear are their own voice.Is not it?

What about here?To popularize a small common sense.

When we speak, the sound of the sound is achieved through air, so when we reach the other’s ears, the energy and sound of our sound have actually begun to decay in the air.The attenuated sound finally entered the opponent’s inner ear through people’s outer ear membrane.But what we ourselves are transmitted through the head score.Come and hear your voice directly.

So the attenuation of energy and tone is relatively small.The sound of the recorded through the recording device, not only must it be blocked by air, it will also be loud by the microphone.The microphone will enlarge your advantages and your shortcomings.When we hear the shortcomings of ourselves amplified, we are naturally unacceptable.

But this is the reality. Just like when looking in the mirror, we are always looking better than the actual look.31%of others are always inferior to what others hear our voice than they hear.So in the matter of good sounds, the real material right is the other party, or it is not really good to think that it is good in the recording device.

Let’s play a popular analogy. Now the actors are going to lose weight crazy. Why?Because in life, even if they look thin and thin, they look just right on the screen.Similarly, we want to let others hear it, or the sound of the passing in the tube is wonderful, so our usual voice must be more magnetic.Three -point looks and seven -point dressing, and the voice is the same, and the hard work of the day after tomorrow is indispensable.

After Xiao Hui was stimulated by the recording, she was determined to practice her voice hard, and I told me very unconvinced that I would definitely come back.

Xiaohui’s pronunciation will indeed sell her.When I saw her for the first time, I asked you from Shandong.She asked in surprise, how do you know?I said that although your Mandarin has been very good, Shandong dialect is very stubborn, and some pronunciation is indeed difficult to change.In order to be a teacher, Xiao Hui did not satisfy her.I told her that language habits are the most difficult habits in the world.Practice practice, but you ca n’t worry. When you have to wait until the moment you are epiphany, it ’s better to consider how to make your voice beautiful first.

Want to get a high -quality voice?Several parts are very important, throat, mouth and chin.They determine the fullness of our voice, and the fullness and durability are full. We can experience the feeling of biting the apple.At this time, the soft palate is standing up.

The chin drives the tongue vertically down. At this time, the opening and closing of our mouth is the largest. Of course, the mouth does not have to be too large, that is, the space inside the mouth is supported by us like a tent.The breath can obtain excellent resonance conditions in the mouth.

When our mouth is opened, it means that each syllables need to do longer oral exercise. Then at this time, each syllable gets a chance to debut. Such a sound gives people a sense of stability and calmness.

The degree of oral opening and closing will actually affect a person’s temperament. For women, the oral opening and closing degree, even a reaction of her professionalism.If you are full of investment and the speed of the sound of sound is moderate, it will appear calm and confident.The sound of Xiaobai in the workplace is mostly lazy, more casual, or Hu Lun swallowed jujube.For men, the influence of oral opening and closing on her image will be more obvious.Too small oral opening and closing will give people a childishness and laziness.

Why do we speak this Cantonese, Cantonese is very yang, and the dialects in the Mainland most gives people a very angry feeling.

In fact, this is the reason.Most of the digital sounds in Cantonese need to stand in the state of the mouth, otherwise it will be inaccurate.For example, hello, let’s experience the difference between Cantonese and Mandarin whether the oral opening and closing of Cantonese pronunciation will be greater.

Let’s talk about the breath.The breath is also a very important breath in our occurrence process. Only inhale can it be exhaled for a long time.Let’s experience it, smelling the flowers with a nose, will naturally sink into the abdominal cavity, and the charm of Dantian, which is the feeling.Then, then slowly exhale, just like the flames of the candle, let it swing, but it is not extinguished.Train our breath of durability.

Want to get a good voice.We have to remember such a thing, that is, we are talking with our throat, but we cannot pronounce with our throat.In other words, our throat, our throat should be relaxed and not tight, then this is probably the most difficult place in the practice.

First of all, we have to forget the existence of the throat in our minds, so that after Tanabata passed through the throat, it directly formed a force point on the lips.The stronger the lips, the lighter the pressure on the throat.Also, you can experience the feeling of yawning. It can quickly help find a state of relaxation of the soft palate to relax the soft palate. At this time, the sound of the sound is round, full, loose, and naturally.

Xiaohui and I met again at her wedding after about five years.At the wedding scene, the host asked the couple and newcomers to talk about their love history talks, saying that she met her husband on the Internet. After adding WeChat to each other, she started chatting.At this time, the groom interrupted a word saying that when she heard Xiaohui’s voice on WeChat for the first time, she determined that the other party was a good girl and an excellent girl.This is indeed the same, Xiao Hui is pure and confident, and the unremitting pursuit of the beautiful voice over the years has made it a better self.

During the toasting, Xiaohui pulled the groom officer to jump to me with a good job, and said a word to me very proudly. I am ready now and the show is recorded.

When it comes to the beauty of the sound, I have to mention Jiang Xun, a famous writer in Taiwan. The most familiar identity among mainland readers is a writer, painter, aestheticist.In fact, she is also a great broadcast speaker.There is also a good and thick magnetic voice.Jiang Xun’s article and voice touched countless readers and audiences, including Lin Qingxia.Lin Qingxia once said without shyness that Jiang Xun was her only idol, because her voice was her sleeping pill, and her voice was beautiful. It was an invisible competitiveness.

In this desolate world, who you conquered with a voice and whose voice moved you again.

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