How can I avoid constipation during pregnancy?3 methods help prevents

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Some time ago, in a variety show of breeding, the guests shared the trouble of constipation during pregnancy, and her experience also resonated with many expectant mothers.How to help expectant mothers "smooth" in the end?Listen to what the experts say.

Why do you need to pay attention to constipation during pregnancy?

Most of the constipation during pregnancy starts from the second trimester, the most serious in the later period.The main reasons are: hormone, mechanical factors, insufficient water intake, dietary factors, activity factors, drug factors, original anorectal diseases, and other factors before pregnancy.

Although constipation rarely makes pregnant women dangerous, it will bring a lot of physical hazards: cause intestinal toxin accumulation; increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, form hemorrhoids;Difficulty occurs; cause bad emotions.

How to prevent constipation during pregnancy?

1. Develop good bowel habits

Pregnant mothers are advised to try defecation within 2 hours after meals.After getting up every day, drink a cup of warm water on an empty stomach to develop a good habit of defecation every morning.You must go when you want to go to the toilet, don’t stand it.Pay attention to the posture during bowel movements. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use a semi -squat posture to defecate.Put your feet on the stool, make your knees higher than the hips, and the body leaning forward and thighs roughly 35 ° angle, squatting on the toilet.Take a deep breath, then exhale, relax the muscles of the basin of the basin, don’t be nervous, concentrate.

2. Develop good eating habits

Eat more rich fiber, green leaf root vegetables, and cereal potato.Such as apples, spinach, kelp, sweet potatoes, etc.Choose high -fiber food as a staple food, such as whole wheat grain or whole wheat bread.If you are not used to eating high -fiber food, you can slowly add it to your daily diet.Drink plenty of water and allocate 6 to 8 glasses of water (1500 ~ 2000ml) per day. Don’t wait for thirst before drinking.Because everyone’s digestive system is different, pregnant mothers can try different types of food to find the most helpful to themselves.

3. Pay attention to exercise and sleep

Pregnant mothers can exercise appropriately to help to defecate, such as: walking, swimming, riding fixed bicycles, pregnant women yoga, Tai Chi, Babujin, etc.At the same time, pregnant women also need to sleep well. Good sleep can help pregnant mothers to maintain a good mood and help defecation.

Confusal treatment during pregnancy

1. Drug treatment

It is recommended that pregnant mothers take the "Cruise Sugar Oral solution", which is safe and effective without affecting breastfeeding.If it is mild constipation, you can also choose the Euchai and wheat cellulose particles.But be careful not to use Chinese medicine suppository and cream containing musk, and at the same time use lubricating laxatives to Cair Lulu. Cairlu has the potential risks of increasing abortion and premature birth.Before pregnant mothers take medicine, they need to ask obstetricians to take medicine under the guidance of a professional physician.

2. TCM treatment

The ears are buried bean method, and the qi and blood can be reconciled by stimulating the acupuncture points of the ear, dredging the meridians, balanced the yin and yang to achieve the treatment effect, and the operation of the toxic and side of the operation is simple and non -drug.At the same time, according to the condition of constipation, Chinese medicine can be taken appropriately.

3. Hot water smoking method

Hot water can clear the ravioli, promote blood circulation, relax the skin, and improve local blood circulation.Use the heat to smoke the anus to relax the perianal muscles and the inner and outer sphincter of the rectum. Under the action of abdominal pressure, the stools staying in the rectum are discharged smoothly.

This article was scientifically controlled by Wang Xiaoyin, chief physician of the obstetrics of the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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