How can Gonghan women prepare for pregnancy easier to "good pregnancy"?Conditioning and recruiting, I hope to help you

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A friend is an obstetrician and gynecologist. He heard her say that women who are difficult to succeed in conception are because of Gong Han.For these women, if you want to conceive earlier, the thing you must do is to condition the body and improve your cold problem.Only when the uterus is better, "good pregnancy" can come soon.This is because Gonghan’s women are not only not conducive to ovulation, but also not timely ovulation. It is important to have a great impact on the development of the fetus itself.

So how can Gonghan women condition, "good pregnancy" can come soon?Conditioning Xiaomiao’s recruitment, I hope to help you.

Pay more attention to diet

The problem in this regard is really old -fashioned.For the women of Gonghan, you must pay attention to themselves.Avoid cold food in diet, and you must grasp the degree of cold food to prevent cold food from invading the body and hurting the uterus.Summer is here, and many women can’t stop the temptation and greedy ice cream. This must be paid attention to.Some ice drinks and ice juice should also be avoided.In addition, there are some cold foods, such as watermelon, mung bean soup, bitter gourd and other foods such as eating.

The suggestion here is that the more you are in Gonghan, the more you have to diet.Only by controlling your mouth can some unnecessary problems be avoided.

Pay attention to keep warm, pay more attention in detail

For Gonghan women, when conditioning the body, you must pay attention to "keep warm". When wearing clothes, don’t just look good. Keeping warmth is also a problem that must be considered.When the sky is blowing the air conditioner, you should also pay attention to the wind, so that the wind should not be blown directly, so as not to invade cold and increase the cold of the palace.

Women prepare for pregnant women should also pay attention to the air conditioner of the unit for a long time in the unit. It is best not to choose to sit for a long time with the air outlet. If necessary, prepare a blanket for yourself.Prevention can be prevented.If you find that you are cold, you must remedy timely.Drink some hot soup to drive the cold.In addition, pay more attention to the few days of each month. Drinking brown sugar water also helps to improve the cold of the uterus.Menstruation is normal, and no congestion is converged. At the same time as the uterus is warm, it can also activate qi and blood, so that "good pregnancy" can also come early.

Do not lose weight blindly, do not die for weight loss

For Gonghan women, it is necessary to pay attention to conditioning when conditioning is that they must not lose weight blindly.Don’t just eat or do not pay attention to diet to keep your body. Women take some extreme measures to lose some extreme measures to lose weight.If you want to condition your body, don’t care about this.

For women of Gonghan, if you want to "get pregnant" early, you must pay attention. Only by adjusting the problem of your palace cold first can you increase your pregnancy chips.Therefore, preparing pregnancy is also skillful, especially for women who are physically physically. It is the most critical to adjust their bodies to adjust their bodies.

How can Gonghan women prepare for pregnancy easier to "good pregnancy"?These precautions mentioned above pay more attention to the intention. Only with details, "good pregnancy" can come soon.


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