How big is the pregnancy sac by forty days?You may not know, let’s take a look at these precautions together

After pregnant women are pregnant, what should the babies most concerned about their own growth look like?I especially want to know how big my baby is?However, in the early pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman has not yet begun to show, so it is difficult to judge the baby’s volume state through the size of the belly.

Many new prospective mothers are more stunned about many professional terms during pregnancy, such as pregnancy sacs, embryos, germ, etc. So what is the state of the pregnancy sac at 40 days of pregnancy and how big is it?

Before answering this question, let’s first understand the three stages of the baby’s early pregnancy.Among them, the pregnancy sac is the first step, that is, the pregnancy sac will appear in the uterine cavity to remind intrauterine pregnancy, but the pregnancy sac is only this effect. Clinically, it will not evaluate the menstrual discontinued time because of the size of the gestational sac.When the diameter is greater than 2.5cm, there is no germ heart fight, so it is prompted that there is a risk of fetal stop.

The size of the gestational sac at 40 days of pregnancy

The gestational sac is actually a prototype of the early development of the fetus. The fetus’s embryo is involved in the wrap of amniotic fluid, blood vessels, and placenta. Forty days of pregnancy are calculated according to the number of pregnancy weeks, which is 5 weeks of pregnancy+5 days.The growth and development of pregnant women who are pregnant for more than a month have been for a while. At this time, the size of the pregnant sac is about 1cm.

During this period, the fetus can detect the beatings of the fetal heart through the B ultrasound, and the structure of the fetal bud can also be observed. At this time, the fetus has obvious differentiation and development of the head, limbs, and trunk.form.

During this period, the fetus is still in the process of high -speed differentiation. Over time, the fetus will gradually grow out of clearer humanoid.

So, is it normal for the gestational sac without fetal buds at 40 days of pregnancy?

1. Some pregnant women see the pregnancy sac on the B -ultrasound, but they cannot see the germ. This may be because the menstruation is inaccurate, which causes the ovulation time to be unstable and affects the calculation.Pregnant women can push a week or 8 weeks of pregnancy to review. At this time, the fetal heart buds can be seen.

2. Insufficient progesterone secretion of pregnant women, the embryo is slow in bed, which will also affect the time when the fetal buds appear, and may need to supplement progesterone.

3. The quality of the embryo itself is not good, and it will stop developing early, which is what we often call biochemical pregnancy, which cannot be seen.

What should be noted in early pregnancy

1. Pay attention to supplement folic acid.In the early three months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay attention to the intake of folic acid. This is the top priority of nutritional intake in early pregnancy. Folic acid is one of the vitamin B tribe and is an important nutritional element for early fetal development.It can effectively avoid the occurrence of some brain nerve tube deformities that occur during embryonicization, so that the baby can develop healthy.

2. Try to sleep on the left side.Women with preparation or early pregnancy must be used to sleeping on the left side, so that the blood circulation is smooth and the kidneys can better detoxify, and as the fetus continues to grow, sleep on the left side is also conducive to the supply of oxygen in the palace.

3. Pay attention to abdominal pain.Although abdominal pain is a very common situation during pregnancy, there may be many reasons such as palace ligaments pull pain and uterine enlargement, so check in time, especially pay attention to the pain on the side of the lower abdomen in the early pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy and other dangers.

4. Pay attention to nutritional balance.Although it is not obvious in the early pregnancy, the fetus has a lot of nutritional demand, so pregnant women must be balanced in daily nutritional intake.Pay attention to the intake of vitamins, protein, minerals and trace elements to ensure the nutritional supply required for fetal development

5. Try to reduce the life of husband and wife.The life of the husband and wife in the first three months of pregnancy is unreasonable and the possibility of contraction abortion, so this period should be reduced or avoiding the life of the husband and wife.

6. Try to avoid high temperature places.The fetal development of the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy has not taken shape. If the pregnant woman is in a high temperature environment for a long time, the fetal malformation may be caused. When the body temperature of the pregnant woman exceeds 38.9 degrees Celsius, it will cause the risk of fetal nerve defects.

In addition, do not take too long for the hot bath, and keep the bathroom ventilation and heat dissipation. If the heat dissipation does not have a high temperature in time for a long time, it will expand the blood vessels and increase the burden on the heart.

7. Ensure sufficient rest.The body of the pregnant woman in the early pregnancy will occur with various pregnancy reactions with the changes in hormone levels, which will become more tired and drowsiness. Therefore, the daily rest of pregnant women must be sufficient, so as to ensure the healthy development of themselves and the fetus.

8. Avoid taking medicine by yourself.In the early pregnancy, keep warm and other work to avoid cold diseases in pregnant women. If you are sick, you should seek medical treatment in time and not take the medicine by themselves, because the maternal disease virus and the use of the treatment of drugs will affect the healthy development of the fetus.

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