Hot and hot!Do pregnant mothers remember drinking water?Is it really easy to get angry?

Although it has been established, the high temperature of 36 ° C and 37 ° C during the day makes you "can’t stand it"!Not only do you think it is hot, in fact, the fetus in the belly is also quite uncomfortable. To easily over the high temperature season, it is recommended that pregnant mothers replenish more moisture to avoid causing the fetus into danger!

Why are pregnant women more likely to feel hot than ordinary people?From the beginning of pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate in the body will rise. In order to supply sufficient nutrition to the fetus, the amount of blood will increase, and it will increase the amount of load and heartbeat of the heart.It will be relatively high, the skin feels different, and it is often easy to feel sensitive, so it feels particularly sensible for temperature changes.

Heat the upper body, change the fetal growth environment

In the summer of in recent years, the temperature has not increased, and the hot sun has dizzy people. Sometimes accidental heat stroke may occur.If most people are hot, the blood vessels will start to heat up and contraction. The skin is different from the usual dryness.Symptoms.

When the hot head appears on the pregnant mother, the fetus will feel this discomfort.Because the growth of the fetus depends on the mother’s blood, if the pregnant woman is too hot and the water is insufficient, it will affect the blood supplied to the fetus, and the circulation flow and flow velocity will change.In addition, insufficient water replenishment will also make the amount of amniotic fluid insufficient, resulting in changes in the growth environment of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women need enough water than the average person.

Time to replenish moisture

There is a saying that you and I must be quite familiar: "Drink more water, drink plenty of water". In the end of summer, not only pregnant women, but most people should not ignore the importance of drinking water.In principle, the daily drinking amount is based on 1,500c.c. ~ 2,000c.c.You can make up again before going to bed.If you are worried that drinking water before going to bed will cause frequent urination and affect the sleep at night, you can change the water before bedtime to milk, which can not only help sleep, but also prevent urinary tract infections during pregnancy.

There are also pregnant women who are worried about ‘the swelling itself is very severe, can you still drink so much water?’Edema is the symptoms of pregnancy that every pregnant woman will have. As long as it is mild, it is normal. Unless it is severe edema caused by blood pressure problems, it is necessary to limit the daily drinking water. It is recommended to replenish water every day every day., Avoid heat stroke, and make the fetus in a good growth environment.

Seems too hot symptoms, be careful to make the fetus in danger

Early pregnancy is the stage of rapid development of fetal organs. If pregnant women have fever due to too hot, it is more likely to affect the development of the fetus, leading to the lesions of the brain, nerve tube or spine.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, pregnant women are prone to lack of water. If dehydration is severely occurred, antidic hormones will be secreted in the body.The structure of liquid and antidic hormones is similar to oxytocin, which may cause pregnant women to have danger of uterine contraction and premature birth. If the symptoms need to be available, the first hand to do is to supplement water and rest.I have done a study and found that the environmental temperature of a pregnant woman is every 5 to 6 ° C, which will increase the chance of premature birth and lack of weight. It can be seen how much the environmental temperature affects the fetus.

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