horrible!Big S was dual -reported by the Korean media again, and the mysterious organization behind it was pulled out.

On June 24, according to Taiwan media reports, Xiao S was controlled by the police late at night. Since Huang Zijiao was exposed to shocking melon, he finally saw it.

It is reported that there is a videos related to sucking D in Xiao S’s mobile phone, and it is 9 minutes and 01 seconds. The police found after confiscation of the small S mobile phone.

Moreover, Wang Xiaofei also mentioned the relevant information of suspected Xiao S sucking D in the previous news. As an informed person, the police believed that Wang Xiaofei was suspected of shameing, and he was probably pulled down by Xiao S.

However, netizens believed that Wang Xiaofei’s behavior could not be sinned, and pointed out that Big S is the leader, and it is difficult for her sister to blame.

Xiao S was also revealed by the insider and the videos of Teacher Huang’s suspected sucking D products.Teacher Huang drinks unknown objects.

It seems that Xiao S is afraid to escape this time. The two sisters will be completely shown by the Taiwanese media Korean media this time.Contact, and there is a real hammer evidence.

Facing the media’s breaking news, the size S still can’t go out at home.To this end, the Korean media also inserted a bar at this time, indicating that the state of Da S is not out of the house because of pregnancy.

The bald head also stated on the show that Da S is unable to go to the ground now. Whether such a self -exposure of pregnancy is in disguise, it is unable to clarify the self -evidence and innocence.

This series of incidents also had a close relationship with a mysterious cult tissue behind S.

After the marriage of Da S and Ge Junjun, you can clearly see that there is a tattoo on the neck of Da S, and it looks very special. Inspectors revealed that this is the mark of "Leelism".

Big S has also been exposed on the show before. He participated in a sect by himself, which is the so -called Relle sect, and this church advocates pursuing freedom, and all publicize in the form of a party.

A long time ago, Xiao S was exposed by Taiwan media to participate in sexual parties. Not only was the size of the male, but also blurred.Although Little S later sued the media to court and won the lawsuit, the reason for the lawsuit was not denying, but to hinders secret crimes, and acknowledged that he had participated in such a party.

It’s terrible. Thinking about it is terrible. Big S joined a cult organization. Little S appeared in a sexual party similar to the cult organization. He had to doubt that the two sisters were all hills.

From this point of view, the big S and Ge Junye of the year loved to live, and the bald head could not know these without knowing these. It is impossible for the two to know each other in this cult organization.

Now that Da S is delayed, he refuses to stand up and respond. It seems that it is impossible to find a reason to justify himself, and the self -exposure of pregnancy is also shifting the attention of the public to delay time.

Gu Junzhang’s identity is also unclear and innocent. He couldn’t mix it in Han Yu. An over -air eighteenth -line artist ran to Taiwan Entertainment, and since the bald head came, the electricity fee of the big S family was scored to 9NT $ 10,000, Wang Xiaofei did not have such a high electricity bill when he was in the past. If it wasn’t for some secret planting, the electricity bills of ordinary families would not be so high.

In this way, Da S has been exposed to pregnancy delay time, and never stands out to clarify the truth. If Xiao S is indeed arrested because of sucking D, the ending of the size S seems to have results.

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