Hit Mahjong sitting for too long, suddenly abdominal pain and bleeding, Changsha 8 months of pregnant mothers dangerous things happened.

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · New Hunan Client, January 26 (All Media Reporter Li Qi Correspondent Tang Min) Even if she was 8 months pregnant, Ms. Luo, a citizen of Changsha, still keen to fight mahjong, but a mahjong a few days ago gave me a mahjong.She almost entered the "Ghost Gate".The reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital today that Ms. Luo and their children recovered well and were about to be discharged.

Ms. Luo, 31, has a 2 -year -old boy who has been pregnant for 37 weeks.Ms. Luo usually likes to play mahjong. A few days ago, she played mahjong with a few friends. When "fighting" until 5 pm, she suddenly felt that her lower abdomen was painful and uncomfortable.Provincial People’s Hospital Mawangdui Hospital is first aid.

At this time, Ms. Luo was already in a state of blood loss shock. The fetal heart rate fluctuated 70 to 80 times/min, only half of the normal value.Based on experience, the two diagnosed doctors judged that Ms. Luo was distressed for the acute fetal palace, and there may be an early peeling of the placenta.This situation must be operated immediately, otherwise not only the children in the stomach are dead, but adults are dangerous.

After receiving the notice, Liu Qin, director of the three subjects of obstetrics and gynecology, Chen Chunyan, chief physician, and Nursing Nurses, the nurses, responded quickly, started the green channel in the courtyard, and notified the operating room, anesthesiology, pediatrics, and B -ultrasounds to carry out multi -disciplinary rescue.After rescue, she eventually grabbed Ms. Luo and severe suffocation and unparalleled newborn babies from the "Ghost Gate".

"The maternal placenta is extremely dangerous early, which is one of the serious complications of the late pregnancy." Liu Qin introduced that the placenta’s early peeling is 20 weeks of pregnancy or the childbirth period.Wall stripping.Early divestitudes of placenta are often acute and rapid. If diagnosis or treatment is not timely, severe complications will occur, such as diffused intravascular coagulation (DIC), renal failure, and postpartum bleeding, seriously threatening mothers’ lives.In our country, the incidence of this disease was 0.46%to 2.1%, and the mortality rate of newborns was 20%to 35%, which was 15 times higher than those of the early divestiture of the placenta.

The doctor reminded that Ms. Luo’s situation is related to sitting for too long.Pregnant mothers should develop a good lifestyle, strengthen prenatal examinations, and actively prevent and treat hypertension during pregnancy; strengthen management of high -risk pregnancy such as merging hypertension and chronic nephritis;The sudden changes in the uterine cavity and the causes of abdominal trauma can effectively avoid and prevent early peeling of the placenta.Once the vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain occur, pregnant women should go to the hospital immediately to avoid serious consequences.

[Responsible editor: Chen Shuyi]

[Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]

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