His mother gave birth to him after dreaming of the Buddha.

There is such a person in the history of Buddhism in our country. He is kind and kind, and is called "Living Bodhisattva" by the folks. He is a famous filial son. He hits his parents daily and never stops.After more than a year, he is called "Bai Xiaozi"; he is one of the pioneers of Buddhism into the Western world, and has contributed to the development of Buddhism in the West.son.

On March 16, 1918, in an ordinary farmhouse in Shuangcheng County, Heilongjiang Province, a expectant mother who was pregnant made a dream at night and dreamed that Amitabha came, and she was in golden light.After she woke up, she only felt a scent, and she felt very comfortable, and felt a little incredible.Soon after, a child was born. The child was born and cried. He kept crying for three days and three nights.This child is the famous "Xuanhua" in the future.

The Shangren has been silent since he was a child, and was born with a bodhisattva.When he was 11 years old, he went to the suburbs to find a dead baby with his friends. This incident touched him a lot. This is the first time he saw a life disappearance. While he felt sad for the baby, not only did he not only feel sad, but not only, not only not only, not only did he not only do not only.Sighing the impermanence of the world, so he had the idea of becoming a monk.

When he got home, he told his mother about his thoughts, and his mother told him: "Being a monk is a good thing, I can’t stop you. But after I die, you are not late to become a monk."

At the age of 12, he heard that a local monk was always the master of the monk. This man was a filial son and filial piety, so he decided to imitate the master to honor his parents.

Since then, he has worshiped his parents every morning and evening, and he regrets himself and reflects on himself.Because he was abnormally naughty before, he often provoked his parents.

At the age of 19, the mother’s mother died of illness, and he was extremely sad, so he took a shed next to the mother’s cemetery and waited day and night.Mi, then wearing a monk’s clothing for three years to keep the tomb.

Master Xuanhua

During the time to keep the tomb for his mother, he devoted himself to studying the Buddhist scriptures, a meal of eclipse, meditating the scriptures, and meditating Buddhism.

One day, when he was sitting, he suddenly dreamed that Master Liuzu went to Mao Shed and told him: "In the future, you will come to the West.Symptoms. "After speaking, he disappeared, which resolutely determined for his future to go to the West.

I heard that Master Xuyun was a Zongmen Tai Dou. In 1946, Master Xuanhua decided to visit Master Xuyun. He was not afraid of thousands of miles of journey.Essence

In 1947, he came to Putuo Mountain to suffer.

In 1948, he arrived at the Nanhua Temple of Caoxi, Shaoguan, Guangdong. Here he saw the long -awaited old monk who was admired. The two discussed the scriptures.The college supervisory, and later transferred to the director of academic affairs.

Master Xuyun watched it as the dragon elephant, and it taught the pulse, and gave the Fa number to Xuanhua.

Master Xuanhua

In 1949, Master Xuanhua did not go to Hong Kong to mission in Hong Kong. He lived in Hong Kong for more than ten years. During this period, he rebuilt the ruined ancient temple and printing statues., Buddhist lecture hall.

Here he is widely supported and loved by the people and loves. At the request of all sentient beings, he settled the Dharma.The magazine of the Fa, etc., is busy to promote Dafa all day long.

In 1958, the Shangren observed the maturity of Western opportunities. In order to spread Buddhism to all parts of the world, his disciples were established in the United States to establish the Sino -American Buddhist Association (the predecessor of the French Buddhist Association).

In 1962, at the invitation of the American Buddhist people, he flew to the United States alone, and the Fa -rectification was in the San Francisco Buddhist Lecture Hall.

Master Xuanhua

In 1968, it was mature. At the request of more than 30 students from Washington State University in Washington, Seattle, the "Summer Holiday Strict Specification Class" was opened; after 96 days of graduation, five young people in the United States begged for a monk and created the history of American Buddhism.Monk’s record.With the increasingly expanding monk group, the original Buddhist lecture hall was not available. In 1971, the Jinshan Zen Temple was established.

In 1976, the Wanfo Sacred City was set up in the International Avenue.Soon after, the branches of the Golden Wheel Sacred Temple, the Golden Buddha Holy Temple, the Jinfeng Shengti, Huayan Shengti, and the French Castle were established.The superior people spared no effort to work in the cause of Hongfa, the translation, and education, and built the dojos in Guang to cultivate talents and set the purpose.Collect the sincerity of the four people, the cause of the Everbright Buddhist Dharma.

In terms of Hongfa, the people taught their disciples to participate in meditation every day, chanting Buddhism, worshiping, studying classics, strict precepts, eating in the middle of the Japanese, unsolved clothes, living together, and establishing a monk group to hold the Fa -rectification in the West.Kuangu Tailo, let the Fa -rectification live for a long time.It also opened the Wanfo Shengcheng as an international religious center. In 1994, it established the Research Institute of the French Realm, advocating the integration of Buddhism in the north and the south, uniting world religion, learning from each other, communicating and cooperating, pursuing the truth, and working for world peace.

Master Xuanhua

On June 7, 1995, Master Xuanhua passed away in Los Angeles, USA, at the age of 77.

Wishes during my lifetime: I do n’t want a memorial hall, nor do I have a tower, do n’t, I come from the void and return to the void.After Tuli, the relics were scattered to believers around the world, allowing Dharma to spread around the world.

Xuanhua Master Darezi

Sure enough, more than 4,000 relics were burned out of Xuanhua’s silence. His relic was mainly based on jade bone relics, and some gem relics and some organ relics.

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