High school students were pregnant and thought they were gaining weight. The child’s medical examination found that the child was 8 months old. Father: the future is destroyed

Li Rui is 23 years old. He just graduated from college last year. In the first month of work, he received a salary of 4,500 yuan. He spent 3,000 yuan to buy a set of clothes for his parents.Everyone boasted that their family Li Rui was filial, and the child did not raise it.Speaking of Li Rui’s life, everyone in the village knew that she was just an abandoned baby. 23 years ago, her parents held Li Rui home from the Guanyin Temple in the back mountain to adopt it.

This temple is worshiped with a Zizi Guanyin. There is a reservoir not far from the temple. There are few people in people on weekdays. Only when there are many people in the New Year, some people will go to the temple to burn incense. In the winter of 1998, Li Qiaosheng and his wife in the village in the villageCai Ping went to the temple to burn incense, and prayed that Cai Ping could give birth to a half daughter to the Li family in the coming year. Because the two had been married for five years, Cai Ping still failed to have children. For this reason, her in -laws complained about her. According to Li Qiaosheng’s memories,It was a cold winter. He and his wife walked into this small mountain temple with his wife. At that time, there were only two of them in the temple. Cai Ping ordered the incense to push his head facing the statue of Guanyin Niangniang.

At this moment, there was a burst of baby crying in the room next to the temple. The couple got up and ran away and found that there was a bamboo basket on the futon. There was a baby baby wrapped in the basket.Shortly after being born, Li Qiansheng and his wife saw the child in front of him, and they were suddenly shocked and happy. The child looked at the two with clear eyes, stopped crying, grabbed his hands and feet, and Cai Ping picked up.Children, take off their coats and wrap them. The two walked outside and looked out. Suddenly Li Qiaosheng found a figure in the mountains not far from the temple.After a while, I got into the woods.

The couple brought their children back to the house, and then went to the police station to explain the situation. They went through the formalities. They decided to adopt the child. Cai Ping said that Guanyin’s mother was clear. Later, the two named Li Rui and cultivated since childhood.Until college graduation, Li Rui also knew that she was an abandoned baby who took home from the temple. Because of this, she was grateful for her adoptive parents.After graduating from college, Li Rui joined the job. In the first month, he paid 4,500 yuan. He bought a new set of clothes for his parents as soon as possible. The mother went out in the clothes bought by Li Rui, and her face was happy.

One day when Li Rui returned home, the mother told her: Aunt Wu often asked your news that you should visit her. In these years, the family has difficulty at home. The tuition fees for you to go to college are all helped by her.Take out a packaging box from the trolley case, and finally dragged his mother’s hand to the town’s small supermarket.

Aunt Wu opened a supermarket in the town. In recent years, most of the tuition fees for Li Rui to go to college were funded by her. In order to thank Aunt Wu for his help, Li Rui bought her a mysterious gift.While dragging her mother’s hand, Li Rui came to Aunt Wu’s small supermarket while holding a gift box. Aunt Wu was moving to the supermarket by the roadside. Seeing that Li Rui and his mother came over, hurriedly put down the carton in his hand and greeted him. WuThe aunt came to Li Rui and seemed a little helpless. She quickly motioned Li Rui to put down the things, and Cai Ping, who was standing on the side, smiled and said: You see how good Aunt Wu is to you, and he is more attentive than me as a mother.

The three walked into Aunt Wu’s supermarket and sat on the sofa of the house. Aunt Wu sat down next to Li Rui and stared at Li Rui’s face and looked at it.He said: Aunt Wu, what are you looking at? I have no flowers on my face. Aunt Wu seems to never see the girl in front of her, and then Li Rui said: You look better than the flower, the girl’s eighteen changes, the more you change the more you get more and more, the more you change and the more you become more and more.Good -looking, Li Rui talked to Aunt Wu while taking a set of warm underwear from the gift box and handed it to her. Li Rui said: This is for you. It is said that it will be automatically fever.The gifts of the stamen, the eyes were involuntarily red.

Li Rui patted Aunt Wu’s shoulder and said, "No, aunt, I bought you a set of warm underwear and moved you like this.There are other things to tell you, now you are 23 years old and have participated in work. Some things should let you know.Li Rui saw the two elders look serious, gently put down the things in their hands, sat on the sofa and looked at the two, and said, "What is so serious.

My mother looked at Li Rui and said: Li Rui, you also know that I and your dad are not your biological parents, so do you know where your biological parents are?How do you know, it is estimated that it was died. He said his gaze to Aunt Wu. Aunt Wu saw Li Rui’s eyes and suddenly became nervous, and then turned his eyes to other places.Li Rui saw a story in the eyes of Aunt Wu.

The mother went on to say: Your biological mother did not die. She was Aunt Wu in front of her. Li Rui was instantly stunned and quickly put her eyes on Aunt Wu. Aunt Wu bowed her head silently.Is it true? Aunt, Aunt Wu nodded frequently, Li Rui was silent for a while, and murmured in my mouth: No wonder I have an inexplicable kindness every time I get close.real.

Aunt Wu said lonely: I am sorry for you, children, talking about tears while recalling what happened when he was young. Aunt Wu said: In 1998, I was studying in high school at the time. Later, a male classmate in the class talked about love.As a result, I accidentally became pregnant. Because I was too young, I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I looked at my stomach and became bigger. At that time, I thought I was getting fat.I was 8 months pregnant, and everyone present at the time was shocked.Since I can’t take the college entrance examination again, I can only go home.My father sighed all day long, and often scolded me with a face.

Aunt Wu sighed: After staying at home for less than two months, I really couldn’t stand the scolding of my father. One night, a person walked towards the mountains alone and came to the reservoir in front of the Guanyin Temple.And after this ending, but at this moment, I felt a stomachache. Later, I walked towards the Guanyin Temple, and finally gave birth to a child in the Guanyin Temple.When I heard that there seemed to be a movement next door, I walked quietly. As a result, I saw a couple burn incense. I was afraid that they would be found by them. They wrapped the children with a cotton jacket and placed on the futon in the temple. A person quietly left the Guanyin Temple.

Speaking of which, Aunt Wu had already burst into tears and looked at Li Rui’s eyes and said: You are the child who was abandoned by me. Later, I gave up the idea of suicide, because you were the only hope I survived, and then I later.A person went south to work in Shenzhen. I have not remarried in these years. On the streets of Shenzhen, I am like a lonely soul ghost.I miss my children more and more. I have worked hard in Shenzhen for more than ten years, saved some money, and later returned here to open this small supermarket.

Speaking of sadness, Aunt Wu covered his eyes with both hands, and tears came out of the frame. Li Rui pulled a paper towel, wiped the tears for Aunt Wu himself, and shouted: Mom, Aunt Wu heard Li Rui heard Li Rui heard Li Rui heard Li Rui heard Li Rui.He called his mother, was shocked and happy, and his heart was mixed. Cai Ping sitting on the side was also infected by a scene in front of him.Said: I hid not far away and watched you holding Li Rui away. At that time, my heart was empty. Fortunately, in these years, your husband and wife have come out of Li Rui and cultivated her into it.College students, I have to thank you for her raising grace. Aunt Wu said that he would kneel on Cai Ping, but he was supported by Cai Ping.

Li Rui wiped his eyes and suddenly broke his nose. Then he said: This time, I have another mother and another love. I suddenly felt that I was happier than the original.I embraced myself, and then said that although I was an abandoned baby, there was no shortage of love.

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